Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 is AMAZING...

Put a smile on your face because you know 2012 is going to be an amazing year. Let me re-phrase that. Because what you think today, creates your tomorrow's...speak of your goals/intentions in the present tense. 2012 is an amazing year. If you speak in future tense, your goals/intentions are always out there. Notice how you speak.  

2012 is AMAZING!

All the best!!



Before 2011 comes to an end...

Before 2011 comes to an end, spend some time in meditation.
Sit with your legs crossed in easy seated pose, sukkhasana. One ankle infront of the other and allow your knees to fall to the side. Place a cushion underneath your buttocks to align your pelvis. The cushion will prop up your hips, tilting your pelvis forward so you can sit with a tall spine. Bring your index finger and thumb together in Jhana Mudra, a hand gesture for wisdom and knowledge, and place your hands on your knees with your palms facing upward. Let your elbows hang below the shoulders in a very relaxed position. Tuck your chin in slightly to elongate the back of your neck. Sit with a tall spine, slightly drawing your shoulder blades towards one another, embracing the back of your heart. Broaden the collarbone to open up the heart center. Close your eyes. Bring your attention inward. 
Begin to take deep belly breaths. On the inhalation expand your belly and on the exhalation deflate the tummy. Notice what you notice with your self. Is your mind wandering? If it is, bring it back to the breath, the pranayama, the life force energy. Let your breath be your focal point and with every exhalation releasing the thoughts, one by one...

Continue breathing. Sitting here in stillness, in silence, and enjoy! 

If you can sit for 5-10's a great start!
15-30 minutes...even better!
No pressure. Do what you can!

Happy FINAL Day of the year!

Tina :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

11 day count down...

Including today, there are 11 days left of 2011. The first feeling/thought that comes to me is a sigh of releif...ugh...thank goodness!!
Think of 11 lessons that 2011 brought you and order them from small lessons to large lessons. As these next 11 days unfold, beginning with the small lessons, Thank yourself for partaking in this lesson and then let it go.
If I log off, I may get too "busy" to do this exercise for myself, so I will share my lessons with you. As I begin to reflect back, it seems that they are all big lessons and I'm finding it difficult to put them in order. If this occurs to you, just go with the flow and write down what comes up first. Center yourself first, take a few deeeeep breaths and begin...

I am thankful for...

11. learning how to cook for myself when I was in Vancouver

10. putting myself out there and meeting new people because it wasn't so scary afterall

9. affirming myself everyday because it really gave me strength and courage to move forward

8. standing my ground above all other's opinions about my choices

7. trusting in my heart to lead me on the path of joyful living

6. my awareness that psychics are addictive and to just live in the moment and be patient for tomorrow

5. the committment I have to myself of loving me first

4. the trust I have in love

3. knowing and accepting that not everyone is going to love me

2. the acceptance that with change comes loss and it's healthy for things to not stay the same

1. meditation which is my ground, the way food is my fuel

The words in bold sum up my year of 2011. I've spent so much time and energy on letting go of the past that it was difficult to dig out these lessons. It's taken me about 30 minutes to complete this. I feel relieved! I hope for you to feel relieved as well!!

Set your ego aside and recognize that you are worth all the goodness life has to offer you and that by trusting in the process of this moment that carries into the next moment, everything is always working out for you. Go see a psychic for fun, but let your heart guide you to where you want to be next. If you listen to your heart, it will never fail you!! Take some precious time for YOU!

11 day count down...make it memorable!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trust in love...

Love. Love. Love.
Love is such a beautiful thing to experience, yet why does getting lost in it feel so unstable? I am ascedning in love, but I'm lost in it at the same time. Where's my ground? AHHHHH!! In the movie, EAT PRAY LOVE...Liz attempts to hold herself back from the lost in love feeling and she tries to bury her feelings, but it doesn't bring her joy. TRUST...that is the first word that just popped in my head. Giving your heart to someone you love, in full hopes that they'll know exactly what to do with it. I make it sound so easy, don't I? Love is worth surrendering to and when that moment enters your life, just be grateful and go with it!!

Trust in's a beautiful thing!   

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm drawing a blank here...

I love blogging and I want to blog all the time, but sometimes (right now), I sit infront of the computer screen and I'm searching for words. I know that the only way to overcome this is to just write (type) and keep the words flowing and then next thing you know, i'll click publish post and it's all done. One more blog! YAY!!

This time though I'm thinking of blogging about happiness and I'm guessing that I'm choosing this because it's what I'm feeling right now! It's this deep happiness, joy that I feel and although I cannot feel every cell in my body vibrating...I know it is! It is through my throughts that replay in my head that tell me where I'm at in this moment! I'm going to be honest...I had moments last night of feeling unworthy of love and joy. I sat and observed my emotions and I knew that my thought pattern created this feeling. This emotion surfaced from a past memory of hurt and sadness and I dwelled in that moment long enough to convince myself that I wasn't worthy of love and joy! It amazes me how I believed my self critic for those moments because I've done so much work on myself and continue to do work on myself, but this really showed me that there is no destination when you work on's a continuous maintenance program that you put yourself on so you can live your best life. It is very comparable to a fitness don't just workout, eat right, lose weight, and then you're done. It is a lifestyle shift that starts with what goes into your mouth...only this program I'm talking about is specifically the program we are on that notices what we put in our mind. Just as we can binge eat and not realize...we can put shit (pardon me) in our head and not realize it. And next thing you know, you feel down. I hate hearing about anti deperessants and how people turn to them for a fix. Anti depressants numb the pain, which in turn never really gives the person the opportunity to work through the issues. I emphasize strongly on working through issues as they arrive because supressing them and/or getting to them later is not doing anyone a favour...especially you! did I go from happiness to anti depressants? The answer is that I am passionate about sharing my life experiences with people to help them with their decisions and their journey. I have my own strong views on life and I know from my experience that living an inspired life RIGHT NOW is where it's at.
There's enought stuff in the outside world that stimulates us, whether positive or negative, but living a life where you are excited to go to bed at night so you can wake up tomorrow is the quality life I always want to live and always will. I committ to myself every single day to do the work...whether it be meditate, eat healthy, read an inspirational quote, people watch...whatever it is that makes you happy!! Every single day, do whatever it takes to make yourself happy and everything else will work itself out!!

Peace Shanti Peace Shanti!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Facebook!!

Pay attention to the deeper intention behind logging into your facebook account. Keep in mind that I always blog from my experience :o) I can truthfully say that there was a time when I was drawn to facebook to either...
1. Feed my ego
2. Beat myself up

Why is facebook part of YOUR life??
I hope to believe that we are connected to this well thought networking site to keep in touch with close/distant friends and/or family, to share part of who we are and our lives with chosen people, and then of course to network. Facebook becomes dangerous if you're using it against yourself or others. For example, there is someone on your "friends" list that you are envious of and you find yourself addicted to their profile. You study all their photos, you know all their updates, you know every curve in their face/body or every flaw. This sounds stalkerish to me. Yikes...I can admit, I was once this! If you "perceive" them to be better looking than you...your mind wanders off in a comparing match and then next thing you know...logging on to FB today made you feel awful. You are wrong! Facebook isn't the issue, your "friend" isn't the issue..YOU ARE! The truth hurts, I know...but rememeber the truth sets you free!!

Take responsibility for your thoughts. Your negative thoughts created those emotions inside you. Let them go. What good does it do you to snoop at your "friends" photos to compare and judge yourself or them?? For one, you are only hurting yourself by putting more junk into your head. Do you not have enough stuff in your head that you need to work through?? Why are you adding more??

Secondly, they have no idea that you are doing this and if they knew they probably don't care because it's your issue. They won't take your stalking issues personally.

Mindfullness...have a decent purpose for using (or should I say abusing) facebook. If you can't help yourself, start with deleting the people that bring that negativity out in you. I can't emphasize enough on the idea that we are so unaware of these little addictions that exist within us. Read a book; fill your head with something useful!! Get off facebook if your intentions are negative. It really isn't the purpose of FB. Take your power back from all those people that you stalk and put it into yourself. That negative energy that you are projecting only causes a viscious cycle of low self esteem, no confidence, self-hatred, feeling unworthy or not good enough!

Next time you are drawn to the routine of logging it with a good intention!

In conclusion...know yourself...

What are your intentions? Not just on facebook, but in all that you do...

Peace Peace Peace


Monday, December 5, 2011

In the midst of chaos, keep stillness inside you!

Look around and notice what you see. People...stuck in their minds...stuck in thought!! I watch people on the regular and sometimes I'm happy, but I'm just as equally saddened! The cluttered thoughts keep us prisoners of our mind. The path of awareness is no easy path, but it is a path of longterm extraordinary happiness. It's the path of getting to know yourself and understanding yourself in depth. There is no one that should know you better then yourself.Others should just remind you, if you forget, but turn inward and bring yourself back. Back to that beautiful place inside you, where you feel joy no matter what is going on in the outside world. In the midst of the chaos around you, find stillness within and smile!

Chaos is no the work to find stillness inside you. It's in there! Bathe in it!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Rat Race

I look around and I see the rush of life. The survival mode that keeps our energy high and keeps us on the go. At this fast pace, are we really living with quality? I sometimes wonder what it's all about. The bigger houses, the better cars, more money, more money, more money, better job status. We're all in this race and yet in the big picture all this stuff we desire is just stuff. It's empty...everlasting happiness and joy don't lie within the stuff. Life is constantly changing and things are changing rapidly. Information upon information...who to follow, what to believe, do I drink milk as a calcium supplement or do I supplement calcium.
The reality is that we are all looking for happiness and in search for everlasting happiness. We are dependent on the things that bring us joy, when all we really need to do is notice that it is already there inside of us. The happiness and joy is already there. We were born with it and overtime we just forgot. To maintain the happiness and peace within, you have to stop and take a moment to breathe in fresh new oxygen, quiet your mind, close your eyes to visit the world on the inside. Give yourself moments to quiet down. Meditate, come to yoga to learn about yourself...

I've been self employed for 3 months and it has been a very humbling transition for me because I went from working at a high end salon with a high status to starting from scratch on my own. It's all worth it to me because I am passionate about what I do and I love what I do. Follow your dreams and even though it may take time for them to unfold, it's all worth the wait. I get caught in the fast pace race and the survival mode kicks in and all I want to do is work work work and yet I step back to remind myself about my purpose. I am living a life of mindfulness and purpose and in order to maintain this, I meditate and do my yoga. It takes discipline and consistency to see results and I'm reminded that patience is a VIRTUE...

The Rat Race is stressful, fun, exciting, and overstimulating...take a breath and enjoy the ride!

Strength, Peace, and Love



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be patient with yourself...

The mission of this blog is simply to get right to the point. Letting something go takes time. The process of letting go doesn't happen over night. It is important to be patient with yourself. Our fast paced society doesn't support the extent of time it can take to completely shed layers of stuff. As stuff comes up...let yourself express it however your body needs to. Honour that!!
Cry a little and maybe seek out a listener. Don't be afraid to open up to a friend. Sometimes when I need an ear or a shoulder, I try to independently be strong for myself and heal myself because I don't want to bring anyone down, BUT what I forget is that when I give an ear or shoulder, I feel good afterwards knowing I helped someone. Reach out to people, especially the ones that love never know what kind of wisdom they have up their sleeve ;)

The first step is awareness. The second step is choice.

Choose patience. Feel the emotion. Let it go.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Get your mind off of what you want and need...

In this very moment, set aside all the things you want and need as they can be endless. NOW for 5 minutes, can you make a list of all the things you are grateful for?
Start with the simple things such as, being lead to read this relfection. When you begin to stir positive energy within your body, it purifies any stagnant negative energy that may be stored within. The busy-ness in our lives doesn't allow us to take a moment to just STOP.  It is within us to be so connected to ourselves to recognize when it is time to STOP.

So STOP and be feel the gratitude flowing in you...

I am grateful for my toothbrush...

Meditations can be in the form of sitting in silence, but they can also be in the form of a reflection. You deserve to take your mind off of all the things you want and need. Reflect on what you already have.

The universe loves gratitude just as we all love to be gratified. Let this positive energy flow through you and brighten every cell in your beautiful being.

NA MA STE - the light in me honours the light in you!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Universe

The Universe only gives you what you can handle. The Universe is always on your side, even when at times it seems otherwise. The Universe gives you what you want; all you have to do is ask and open up to receive it. The Universe supports you and presents opportunities to you and all you have to do is notice and decide. The universe has many other names, such as God, Life, Source, Higher Force.

Whatever it is that you choose to call it...keep the faith, the hope, the positive energy flowing through you because life will present you with obstacles and it is in how you choose to respond that will create your tomorrow's.

Love the universe and all that it has given loves you right back!!

The light in me shines through the light in you :)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Life....ahhhhh and all that comes with it!!

Raise a brow if you have a to do list today. Raise your big toe if you feel the need to get stuff done. Raise both arms if your brain hurts thinking about it all. Life...ahhhhh and all that comes with it!!

First off, LIFE IS AMAZING and when you embrace this, life will be amazing to you. You've been handed this beautiful script. It is the script of your entire life. From the outside looking in, you notice ups and downs, highs and lows. What else could life possibly be made up of? We need the lows and we need the highs. It is our job as grounded, centered, and aware people to choose what is necessary in each moment. We all have the choice to be who and what we want to be.

Today, you have "stuff" that needs to get done. Let's approach this first by asking yourself...
Before I start scratching things off my list, what have I done for ME today?
If nothing, STOP what you are doing and go fill yourself up with something that you love, something that brings smiles to your face, something that brings out the best in you.
Don't think for a moment that you'll get to it later or that you have no time for you!! Choose to make the time. Before you begin to fill in all the other areas of your life, put energy into yourself first. Add yourself to your to do list everyday and choose to make it the first on the list. The number one thing because you are number one!! It is the weekend. Enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. Be in the moment with all that life brings you today!

Project positive thoughts and energy into your amazing life and it will be exactly that...AMAZING!
Be who and what you want to be. The to do lists will always be there, the stuff thats needs doing will always be there, the feelings of needing to get it all done will always be there.
Breathe awareness in and stay grounded.
Find the connection with yourself.
Stay centered.

Life is all that you put into it!!

I see the light in you!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


"Conscious living: awareness leads to insight; insight leads to clarity; clarity leads to freedom."

Whenever I read a quote, I immediately reflect on what it means to me and how it may resonate with my current life. This quote directed me to my emotions, as this is what I am most aware of these days.
Emotions are, for most, the most difficult to become aware of. Whether you are an emotional person or not. I sometimes find it difficult to differentiate one emotion from the next and the strong attempts in trying to figure out the reasons behind certain ones is challenging. When your body awareness is expansive and you notice an emotion arising, reflect first on what the emotion is. Then ask yourself where it's coming from and why it has surfaced in this moment.
What is the emotion? Begin by getting to know the basics ones. Happy, excited, peaceful, joyful, content, sad, angry, guilty, fearful. Once you are familiar with how these emotions feel when they arise within you, it'll be easier to then dive in deeper and understand why they surface.
Emotions surface because it is our bodies way of releasing, as well as signalling to us what is going on within us. When we don't release emotions as they come, they build up within our bodies until one day something triggers us and the emotion then releases itself more intensely then it would have originally.
I was recently at a wedding and my shyness got the best of me when every part of my being wanted to dance. As I drove home that night, I regretted not dancing and letting lose because I don't come across these opportunities with friends as often as I would like. I let the thought go and I assumed the emotion left with it too, but the very next day, the dancing desire and excitement resurfaced. This lead to a day full of dancing. I couldn't get enough of music, singing, and dancing. I snapped, swayed, and felt soul good! Ugh, what a release! It can be what seems the simplest thing, yet our bodies store so much.

Take in a deep inhalation and notice where you are emotionally. What is the emotion? Where is it coming from? Why is it surfacing in this moment? Reflect. Release. Let go. Experience what your body wants to experience. Be copassionate and loving with yourself to understand yourself a little more. With every breath you take, get to know that beautiful person inside you. She/He wants to be known and understood.

"Conscious living: awareness leads to insight; insight leads to clarity; clarity leads to freedom."

This quote directed me to my emotions, where did this quote direct you?

Love and Light :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

The power of your WORDS

Pay close attention to the words you speak. Every word you speak, sets your vibration. When you are speaking words of excitement, positivity, or enthusiasm, your energy level increases which then increases your energy frequency. If you're speaking words of anger, judgement, sadness, or gossip, your energy levels decrease and in turn you'll feel that your energy is heavy. It always goes back to being mindful of your words(inside voice and outside voice), and your actions. Know where you are coming from when you speak. Lose the small talk and speak with intent. Silence is bliss. See if you can avoid trying to fill in silent moments with words that have no meaning. Who wants to speak out of force? If there's nothing to say, be silent. Awkwardness and silence are not a pair, yet we often pair them together. Awkwardness is in your mind and when you project those feelings, you create exactly that...awkward silence. Use the power of your words to work with and for you. Stop using your own power against you.
"I'm fat"
"I'm not good enough"
"I look awful today"
Those words project those feelings outward and in turn that energy force is sent out into the universe and now is attracting more circumstances that will keep you feeling that way or experiences that may negatively add to how you feel. Whether it is your inside voice or your outside voice. Never use your own words against yourself. Notice what you notice when you listen to others speak and notice what you say yourself. You may notice how often people put themselves down in a joking manner and because it's a "joke" it still carries an energy. This energy is then projected outward and now is vibrating at a level of depletion. We all know how one positive compliment can light a spark within us. Imagine how many times we burn out our own flames through the power of our own words. Pay attention to how you speak.

What's coming out of your mouth today? Positive, affirming, exciting, enthusiastic words?? I thought so!!

Take your power back.
"I love and approve of myself"
"I am amazing"
"I radiate beautiful energy"
"I am beautiful"
"I am confident and strong" 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finding the comfort in discomfort

What comforts you? Ohhhh I think of many things when I think of comfort. I think of home, family, money, friends, food, yoga, my lover. Now what about discomfort...what discomforts you? A new pimple, big change, new places and things, some yoga postures.
How can we find the comfort in our discomfort and unite these polarities?
                                                      Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The answer is SURRENDER!! Surrender to what is RIGHT NOW!!
Life brings about discomfort and so instead of focusing on how uncomfortable it feels...surrender to the emotions and focus on what does exist!! Find the greatness in the not so greatness situation(s). A large part of manifestation is surrender! As I begin this new yoga journey, I know that what lies before me is AMAZING, but it's all about surrendering to what is in this moment. It is never about the destination, but the journey in getting there! Whether you are changing jobs, friends, partners, houses, eating habits etc...continue to focus on what you want and yes keep visualizing and feeling yourself in this new change as if you're already living it....BUT surrender at the exact same time. Detach yourself from any expectations and just live PRESENT...just as you the shoes you are wearing. Be with the moment and be IN JOY!!

As I dream big and know that I am in the process of living my dream life...I surrender to what is, right here, right now...because it is all there is!! If I die tomorrow...I will be pleased to know that up until that dying moment I will have lived for what was NOW!! I don't intend to pass anytime soon, yet I know I will be around for many years to come, but this is something to think about!!

Can you detach yourself from the stresses and expectations of life and just find the comfort in your discomfort?? Yes you can! I know it! Do the work by opening your heart and opening your mind to seeing things awaken the child within...and to live mindfully...!!!

I am comfortable in my discomfort!! Are you?

Tina :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

I am the change I wish to see in the world

Be the change you wish to see in others. Set the example. Be the leader. The things that need improvement in our lives are very obvious to us, but the ones we notice in others are even more obvious. When you notice the things in others that you would like to see changed, why not take that step to be that change and experience that change for yourself. When you take the steps to be the change you wish to see, you lead by example and then others will catch on and follow. While the change occurs in you, your energy field is changing as well and this energy emanates outward into the universe and reaches people. You can be hopeful that it reaches the people close to you, but know that you are only in control of your actions and not others. You can do your best to convince others to be a certain way, but the best way is for them to see with their own eyes, the changes you have made in your life. Be aware that people are mirroring to you the things that you see in yourself. Be grateful for your awareness of these things that you want changed around you because those are the list of things that you get to improve on of yourself. Step out of your mind and observe your life, step back into your life and be the change!

For example...
"She needs to be tidier" Be tidier, so she can see the difference between tidy and untidy.
"He needs to communicate better" Be patient and communicate with clarity, so he can see and experience the benefits of your clear communication.
"I want him to compliment me more often" Compliment him and others, so he can experience how good it feels to receive a positive comment as well as see that by complimenting others, it can bring a smile to their faces.

Once again...Step out of your mind and observe your life, step back into your life and be the change!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Om Peace Peace Peace

Friday, July 8, 2011

Chakra Meditation

What is a chakra? Chakras are spinning wheels of energy in the body that start at the base of the spine and end at the crown of the head. Each chakra symbolizes something unique. The first chakra is located at base of the spine. It's called Muladhara and this red energy center represents grounding, safety, security, and survival instincts. Svadisthana is the second chakra located in the lower abdomen, sexual organs. This orange energy center symbolizes fluidity, flexibility, and going with the flow. Our energy center located at the navel is called Manipura. This third yellow chakra is all about trusting your gut instincts, confidence, and willpower. The next chakra is the fourth one located in the chest, the heart's center. This one is green and symbolizes love and compassion. Having love and compassion for yourself and others. The fifth energy center is called Visshuda and this one is blue. It's located in the throat and this one deals with creative expression through the voice and speaking your truth. Ajna is the 5th chakra located between the eyebrows. This one is purple and is also known as the third eye; our intuitive inner eye, that sees the world beyond illusions. Sahasrara is the final energy center in the crown and its colour is white. This white light symbolizes enlightenment, realization, knowing that all is one. There is a mantra (affirmation) that each chakra symbolizes. In meditation, I work from the first chakra...
I am grounded, safe, and secure.
I go with the flow of life and trust that things are always working out for me.
I trust my gut, as it always knows best.
I love myself and others and I have compassion for myself and others.
I express myself clearly, creatively, and honestly.
I see clearly and I am intuitively guided.
I am one with all.

Take this and add it to your meditation practice. This is one of my favorites because it really covers all areas of my life.

Find a comfortable seated position, spine straight to line up the energy...start to take some slow deep breaths in and out of the nose and begin...visualize the first chakra located at the base of the spine...imagine a red ruby and repeat...I am safe, secure and grounded at least 3 times. Work your way up the spine to the 7th energy center and then reverse the flow and go back down the chakras ending with the first chakra. This will allow you to come back to your grounding...the bottom three chakras are the physical energy centers that are connected to the physical world and the three above the heart are the chakras that involve a higher state of consciousness. So when you stimulate the chakras, work your way up, but you don't want to end this practice up in the clouds. You'll need to make your way back down for grounding. You can experiment with this, but I find that most people need more grounding practices, so i suggest not to experiment with this especially if you already feel that you are in lala land.

I hope this meditation practice gives you a sense of a grounding and connection to your higher self. Enjoy!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Don't believe everything you think

When it comes to the mind, things can get very foggy! Oneday your mind will tell you, "damn girl, you look hot!" and then the very next day it is, "you shouldn't have eaten so much yesterday, you look fat!"
What the heck is that all about? Y'know you'd think that because our minds are in our bodies that it would at least be on our side. Be the observer of your mind and don't believe everything the mind tells you. Choose to observe the mind and let the negative thoughts go.

Namaste my friends :) until next time, inhale love and exhale gratitude for where you are in this moment!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I often blog about getting in touch with the inner being, but we should really honor the external part of us just as much. I've been inside myself for the past 2 weeks and today I felt as if I was too inward. Crazy?? I know!! So let's bring about some balance then. Go to your closet, put on some sexy clothes...walk yourself infront of your mirror...put on some awesome dancing music and DANCE your heart out. will feel so good. No criticizing yourself, just let loose and let your spirit be free of judgement. You are alone, no one is watching you!! GO NUTS... Hahaha!! Have fun with yourself. Who said you have to find friends to go dancing with, when you can bring out your inner friend. In fact your friend is the one going nuts infront of you in the mirror. Celebrate your life because you don't know when your last moment is. Live and DANCE your heart out as if it's your last dance! YIH HA!! Go get your cow girl/boy hat!! Hahaha have fun! I know I am!!

Dance like no ones watching and sing like no ones listening...

Who cares anyways... Let loose!! Drop your ego and dance IN JOY!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Where to go from here...
Look inward and write down all your desires and ideas. They must be where you can visually see them. Take a yellow sticky note pad, write them down, lay them out infront of you.
Put them in order from most desirable in this moment to least desirable in this moment.
Know that the energy put into this activity is in the process of manifestation. VERY EXCITING. And if you're afraid, observe and feel the fear and then let it go. Use this emotion to fuel you. Let it be your fire and go for it. Just so you are aware, this is following your heart. This is what it feels like to sit with yourself and to reflect on what the next steps in your life are. This is also a time for meditation, to really ground yourself and tap into you intuitive gut feelings. To make decisions with a cluttered body, mind and spirit will only create more clutter and feelings of anxiety. You are the author of your life. You can have whatever you want; just ask and be patient. Let that fear fuel the fire, so that the desire now becomes a burning desire. Woah! I can feel it as I share this with you! You are not alone my friends! Energetically connect yourself to your authentic self, that deeper part of you that surfaces more and more, screaming for a change. Listen with love!

You are not alone. Shift your consciousness to following your deepest desires and that energy will spread to everyone around you, inspiring them to do the same. Remember that the world doesn't need to change, but we do. As a whole we can change the world, but it starts within each and everyone of us!

Lots of love my friends :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spiritually Fed

As I spend this time away, I've allowed myself to journey inward. I've gone to a place where my truth is present. I feel free and authentic. The beauty of this is that it is all dependent upon myself and with my inner wisdom and external knowledge that I'm fed with, I arrive to this place of independence. The clarity, freedom, peace, and joy that I feel is perfect as it is. I started this journey with no expectations, but a deep trust that I was being led to the right place with the right people at the right time. I am not surprised that I am feeling grounded and fullfilled. I have chosen to be the observer of my life and when you observe and step out of the MOVIE of your life, it's much clearer from the couch. :)

I have been deeply inspired by my present teacher at Prana Yoga College, Shakti Mhi. Her blog won't leave you disappointed. Check it out!

From my heart to yours,


Monday, June 20, 2011


Manifestation begins with a thought and then its fuel is through the power of the word. When you want something, you need to take action and ask for it. Then you have to presently speak and affirm as if it already exists. Feel what it feels like and believe. Committ to doing the work because we cannot take for granted that the universe is always supplying us with what we need in every moment. Be grateful, but committ to doing the work. What work?? Maintaining positive energy to then radiate with it and share it with others creating a more beautiful thought/smile/kind gesture at a time.

Career and Money
It is my birthright to live happily. I accept the new opportunities that are presented to me. With excitement and joy, I am open and receptive to a wonderful new position, using my talents and abilities, working with and for people I love, in a wonderful location and earning more then enough money. My bank account is overflowing with money. There is always more then enough money for me. The universe is always working with and for me on all my financial investments. Success flows into my life effortlessly and with ease. I am open to financial freedom.

Love flows into my life with ease. I see clearly the beauty and deep love that is blossoming. I am deeply fulfilled and happy. I live in the moment, as this is the foundation to my everlasting, loving, expressive, harmonious love life.

I continue to honour my body and fuel it with healthy nourishing foods. I am physically active in a safe manner to prolong the longevity of my active, healthy lifestyle. My outer and inner body work with and for me on a daily basis. I am healthy, whole, and complete.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Space and the beauty of it

Space is a beautiful thing. I'm learning that taking space from my loved ones helps me to really see what beauty they bring into my life. The unconditional love that surrounds me at home fills me, but at times I'm so caught up in my mind about the dishes that are still untouched from the night before or the dog hair on the floor. Does this really matter?? To my small conscious self, yes, but to my higher conscious self, absolutely not!!

Take some space for yourself and get out of the movie of YOUR life. Be the observer and really see with clarity, what really matters. All you need is love, is all you need!

Nip the guilt in the butt for needing space. It is only going to do you and everyone else in your life some good. Sooooooo much good, to be a little more accurate!!
And now tying this into a yoga practice. Yoga allows for lots of space between the vertebrae, muscles, organs and this allows us to move with ease and comfort. I could carry on forever, but I'll save it for another blog entry.

Create some physical and mental space for yourself! You are worth it!!

Namaste my friends :)

Friday, June 17, 2011


Therefore money=energy

As we use our energy with purpose, use money in the same manner. What do you support with your money??

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have you taken out the garbage today??

Lets get back to the basics. What happens when your garbage sits full for a couple days, week, month, year, many years??? It starts to smell, releases toxins in the air, attracts bugs/mice...
So now let's think on an energetic level. What happens when you don't empty out your emotional garbage bag? For days, weeks, months, years?? This junk builds up in the body, releasing toxic thoughts into the mind and body (cells), attracts negative experiences, and manifests some sort of unhealthy state. Why do humans have so much waste/garbage that is held onto from the past, when it is very clear that it intereferes with the present moment. Garbage from the past influences the present moment, blinding humans from seeing things as they are.

Do yourself a favor and take out the garbage, please and thank you. It's not doing you or anyone in your life any good. Make that choice to finally let go of that junk that you've been carrying with you. It's rotten, no need to keep it!!

Inhale love and exhale gratitude for the one or many things that surfaced that you know you need to take to the dumpster. The first step is awareness...

You are on the right path :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

If you want to grow, you need to change...

We are all adults and on a regular basis we can all say that there are a few things that we could work on as far as self improvement. With this awareness, what is it that is keeping us from making the changes? Is it fear? Are we too comfortable in our present life that change seems so far fetched? You are given the gift of awareness to know and observe what it is within yourself that can improve. Make the change. Breathe in a little more patience and take the time to reflect and go inward. What changes does your being need in order to feel fulfilled and happy?? You'll never know if you don't try. I learned today that sighing at least three times a day allows the energetic body to shed layers. Layers of negative junk that we as humans store in our physical bodies. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, let out a long, loud, dramatic sigh of relief. feels so good to be alive. Yih Ha!!

So what's in it for you to make some changes?? Happiness, wholeness, freedom, authenticity, self love, evolvement. I could go on forever. Just know that if you don't make the changes, you are the one that is suffering and in turn your world around you is too. Find that stillness within and take some time to reflect on what it is that you need to change, right here, right now! I dare you :)
Inhale deep and exhale even deeper shedding layer by layer with a loud ass sigh because you are on your friggin way. You deserve it!!!

Amen... Lol hehe :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A whole new world...a new fantastic point of view...

Sitting on my brand new yoga mat and journeying inward. It reminds me of Aladdin; a whole new world on this new carpet ride. It's been just over 24hrs in Vancouver and I feel refreshed and extremely connected to myself. I am following my dream and I know that every challenge I face is a gift that brings me closer and closer to the life of my dreams. I am present. I am grounded. I am protected. I am loved.

Squid is one of the newest members I have met on this journey. He's the cat that's feeding me love as I spend a month away from my loved ones. Oh yes, everything for a reason. He's not just my roomate's cat. He's a symbol of affection and love and we all know how much we need that in our daily lives. I am grateful for the awareness that my little friend was given to me on this trip to fuel me up, to make me laugh and smile.

What is it in your present life that you fail to notice? The people, pets, or things that symbolize love and affection. Take some time to notice that, looking too far from where you're standing isn't always where it's at. But noticing that what you need is always right infront of you. Notice what you notice about yourself. With no self judgement or beating the self up or taking on some guilt... Be thankful for the awareness that surfaced and smile. You are amazing. You are loved. First by your self and then by others . Love yourself first and I promise you, all else will flow with ease!
Are you willing to do the work? You are worth it, ya know!!

Get a new yoga mat, journey inward and In joy the new carpet ride.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's go higher by Johnny Reid

Just when I feel I've reached the moon, you look at me and say let's go higher...a song that must be heard and a video that must be below

Did you know...

Did you know that what you notice in others is what you see in yourself. Life mirrors to you what you need to be aware of or tap into. I signed up for a yoga workshop in the city and when the day finally came, I was so grateful that I signed up for 2 in a row because I was feeling emotionally drained and I needed the yoga so desperately to get me back to my authentic self. She mentioned that when we notice faults in others, it's what we see in ourselves, but EVEN better...when we see beauty in others, it's because we see it in ourselves.

I couldn't believe she said that because for the entire 2 workshops, I was blown away by how she was such a beautiful person on the inside and out...and guess what?? That is how I see myself and through another being, I was reminded that I am beautiful on the inside and out.

Ta Da...just like magic

Short, but sweet

One person can have all the qualities you are looking for, but whats most important is how they make you feel. :P

Monday, April 18, 2011

Words of Affirmation

In my bathroom, on my counter, infront of my mirror, I have a print out of affirmations that I turn to regularily. When I affirm any of these, I look myself in the eyes and I repeat. I affirm it, I believe it, and I send it out into the universe and let the universe work its magic for me. Allow me to share with you my affirmations...

My body easily digests all that I consume.
I have clear beautiful skin.
I trust my gut as it always knows best.
I deserve to be happy in all areas of my life.
My happiness is in my hands and it is my right to be happy.
I go with the flow of life and trust that things are always working out for me.
I allow my light to shine and my talents to show to others in a loving and non threatening way.
My bank account is overflowing with money. There is more then enough money for me.
I love and approve of myself as I am.
I face my fears in a loving, peaceful, and joyous way.
My best in the moment in perfect.
I am a perfect woman. I am a Goddess.
I am totally accepting of who I am and what other people think of me is none of my business.
I express myself creatively through my work and I earn a great income doing it.
I am a beautiful woman who touches the lives of others in a positive and loving way each day.
I am worthy of love, joy, and abundance.
I make choices for me. I am happy.
I am enough for me.
Now is my moment of power, joy, and love. I get to choose how I respond to my moments.
I am a smart, savvy entrepreneur.
I am successful in all areas of my life.
Every challenge that I face is a gift that brings me closer and closer to the life of my dreams.
I believe in myself.
I see the good in myself and others.
I can laugh at myself.
I am patient.

In joy :)

Light and love my friends,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eat Pray Love

I have watched this movie over and over again. And each time I capture a new quote or get inspired by something new. I feel as though this book has either opened up the minds and hearts of many or done nothing at all. What stuck with me today was "pain won't last forever, nothing does" I was blown away hearing this today. Nothing lasts forever, so isn't this even more of a reason to live presently and happily? Do what makes you feel soul good and if you don't know, explore life and find out what does. I felt numb for a while and it is only through forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone that I am rekindling a friendship with myself and accepting myself for who I am. I have fallen inlove with myself again and in the most humble way. Sometimes I feel the need to be selective with who I choose to share that statement with because some people may perceive it as being self absorbed or cocky. I believe its not. I do accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and belief system and a large part of mine is "love yourself first"

Nothing lasts forever, so enjoy every bite of your favorite dish, because it may never be cooked that same way again :)

Peace Peace Peace

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thanks Ma :)

"She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She smiles when she feels like screaming, and she sings when she feels like crying. She cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid. Her love is unconditional. There's only one thing wrong with her. She forgets what she's worth!"

A lovely email sent to me from my mama :) I had to share :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Everyday I learn something new about myself and I am always so amazed at what I discover. I am just like everyone else and I go back to the times when i'd beat myself up over feeling a certain way or wanting to do certain things that may have displeased others. No matter what you have to follow your heart and the times when you need to be courageous to take the steps to finding yourself, you need to believe in yourself and know that everything is working out. It's as if we always have these amazing guides/guardian angels. I think it's so important to fall inlove with yourself. I want to fall inlove with myself and support and be there for myself unconditionally. I know that it is the only way that I can truly open myself up to love another fully. And I want someone who loves themselves too.

 Surrender to what is present and know that you are always protected and guided. Once you let go, grace will flow into your life. Let go of your fears and just live freely. Surrender. Fall inlove with yourself.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


When I'm feeling down and I'm trying to find happiness I ask myself...
What was it I loved when I was a child? And I remember...
I LOVED being at my Papanonno's house, sitting around the table listening to the adults in my life talking, playing school with my little sister, doing fashion shows, playing a mother role to my little sister, writing in my diary about ALL the boys I crushed on, playing with my best friend, watching disney movies (especially Lion King, but I HATE the part when Simba's dad, Muffasa dies), watching full house, who's the boss, saved by the bell, being videotaped by my uncle Joe, singing, dancing, watching the wizard of oz at my great grand parent's house, protecting my dad when my parents wrestled, protecting my parents during family fights, watching Barney with my little sister, getting a new puppy, writing poems, listening to Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Ace of Base (especially, Its a beautiful life), making my parents proud, being swung around by my uncle Carlos, having my back tickled by my aunt, cuddling with any of my dogs, having dates with my uncle Joe. I know there are many more. If you're searching for happiness, just know that it's already inside you, take a closer look :) Choose the Happy state of mind because you deserve it :)



Know that there are no mistakes because everything you have experienced has made you the beautiful person you are today.

I have had a rough year and I can tell you right now that all the issues I thought were real were actually all illusions. Everything in your mind is an illusion unless you are in the present moment. Thoughts or stories of the past or future, all illusions. It has nothing to do with what is actually true in the moment. Often we stress about yesterday or tomorrow, and harm our bodies with the negative thought patterns, but whats the point if it doesn't exist right now?? Why stress about yesterday whens its over? Why stress about tomorrow, when it hasn't come yet? I know that oneday I'll self publish all my blogs and pass them down to everyone in my future that I love and care about. Something to know me by.

So back to my opening line. If I never stole money from my Nonna when I was 8 years old, I may have never learned my lesson and might have been a bank robber in my 20's. It doesn't matter how big or small you "identify" your bad doings in your past, its all done with, so move on. Thank yourself for it and be done with it. I want you all to know that you are always being guided and that no matter what you are loved, cherished, and honoured by someone. Set yourself free from anything you considered a mistake in your past...remember that there are no mistakes.

Take some time to quiet your mind today.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Set your boundaries...

I have been off work this entire week and I didn't plan anything. I faught myself tirelessly trying to book a trip or a workshop or SOMETHING...because I was so resistant to not having plans. I didn't make any.
I can say this week has been a week of getting to know myself again. I am great and I appreciate the people in my life who are close with me. I'm not always the easiest person to talk to, nor do I listen always, but that's okay because thats me. All my imperfections balance out my perfections. I love me :)

So my intentions to blog this morning was to share an experience I had today. My boyfriend has been away this week and so I haven't had the affection nor the attention that I am used to from the opposite sex. And introducing body awareness and where my energy is today, was revealed to me this morning. I was routinely at my friday morning yoga class and during the first few moments in meditation a few people came in late and so there was a little space beside me for a mat and this cute guy rolled out his mat beside me. During the practice I noticed my energy shifting and I felt at ease, attentive, and a little needy. This guy beside me was noticing me and I knew I wanted to be noticed. The attention I have been missing and wanting all week from my boyfriend was given to me this morning. In the most subtle ways, I felt fulfilled from this cute guy noticing me. And I laugh now as I blog because it amazes me how powerful humans are. As soon as he layed out his mat, he must have picked up on my energy because he gave me what I was looking for. I was in scrubs, had dirty hair, no makeup, sweating, and doing lion breaths with my tongue hanging out of my mouth and my eyes wide open...and he noticed me. I love that. Of course I am taking his attention as a compliment because I felt his attraction to me, I just knew he was. That is what I want from a partner, is to notice me when I'm not trying to be noticed. I assume most people want that. Do you ever plan to wear sexy lingerie and imagine this grand production from your mate when they see you...and then its not as you imagined? Why is that? Is it because it was planned and it wasn't a natural occurance? Maybe overthought?

Start to notice the people that are not trying to be noticed. Can you direct your attention away from your norm? I often do that, I will give the people who aren't tryng to gain attention, my attention!! Its so fulfilling for me :)

Anyways, at the end of my fulfilling experience of being noticed when I wasn't trying to be noticed, I'm thankful that I set my boundaries and didn't respond to the attention I was receiving. Im also thankful that my love is coming home in 3 days and I'll get that attention I was energetically seeking from him.

Set your boundaries and notice the people who are not trying to be noticed. What have you discovered?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't die with your song left inside you

"Don't die with your song left inside you. Let it guide you, along the way..."

What is your song? What is calling you? Forget about the what ifs and the buts...the first thing that comes to mind as you ponder those two questions, is that it? Go for what you wish. Do what you love. Dream big and blossom into the person you love. Be the author of your life and let go of anything holding you back. The things holding you back are great challenges to test your strength and to see how much you love yourself. Be strong, find the peaceful warrior within you and love yourself by singing your song.

This blog was inspired by the movie "The Shift" by Dr. Wayne Dyer