Sunday, August 28, 2011


"Conscious living: awareness leads to insight; insight leads to clarity; clarity leads to freedom."

Whenever I read a quote, I immediately reflect on what it means to me and how it may resonate with my current life. This quote directed me to my emotions, as this is what I am most aware of these days.
Emotions are, for most, the most difficult to become aware of. Whether you are an emotional person or not. I sometimes find it difficult to differentiate one emotion from the next and the strong attempts in trying to figure out the reasons behind certain ones is challenging. When your body awareness is expansive and you notice an emotion arising, reflect first on what the emotion is. Then ask yourself where it's coming from and why it has surfaced in this moment.
What is the emotion? Begin by getting to know the basics ones. Happy, excited, peaceful, joyful, content, sad, angry, guilty, fearful. Once you are familiar with how these emotions feel when they arise within you, it'll be easier to then dive in deeper and understand why they surface.
Emotions surface because it is our bodies way of releasing, as well as signalling to us what is going on within us. When we don't release emotions as they come, they build up within our bodies until one day something triggers us and the emotion then releases itself more intensely then it would have originally.
I was recently at a wedding and my shyness got the best of me when every part of my being wanted to dance. As I drove home that night, I regretted not dancing and letting lose because I don't come across these opportunities with friends as often as I would like. I let the thought go and I assumed the emotion left with it too, but the very next day, the dancing desire and excitement resurfaced. This lead to a day full of dancing. I couldn't get enough of music, singing, and dancing. I snapped, swayed, and felt soul good! Ugh, what a release! It can be what seems the simplest thing, yet our bodies store so much.

Take in a deep inhalation and notice where you are emotionally. What is the emotion? Where is it coming from? Why is it surfacing in this moment? Reflect. Release. Let go. Experience what your body wants to experience. Be copassionate and loving with yourself to understand yourself a little more. With every breath you take, get to know that beautiful person inside you. She/He wants to be known and understood.

"Conscious living: awareness leads to insight; insight leads to clarity; clarity leads to freedom."

This quote directed me to my emotions, where did this quote direct you?

Love and Light :)

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