Sunday, August 28, 2011


"Conscious living: awareness leads to insight; insight leads to clarity; clarity leads to freedom."

Whenever I read a quote, I immediately reflect on what it means to me and how it may resonate with my current life. This quote directed me to my emotions, as this is what I am most aware of these days.
Emotions are, for most, the most difficult to become aware of. Whether you are an emotional person or not. I sometimes find it difficult to differentiate one emotion from the next and the strong attempts in trying to figure out the reasons behind certain ones is challenging. When your body awareness is expansive and you notice an emotion arising, reflect first on what the emotion is. Then ask yourself where it's coming from and why it has surfaced in this moment.
What is the emotion? Begin by getting to know the basics ones. Happy, excited, peaceful, joyful, content, sad, angry, guilty, fearful. Once you are familiar with how these emotions feel when they arise within you, it'll be easier to then dive in deeper and understand why they surface.
Emotions surface because it is our bodies way of releasing, as well as signalling to us what is going on within us. When we don't release emotions as they come, they build up within our bodies until one day something triggers us and the emotion then releases itself more intensely then it would have originally.
I was recently at a wedding and my shyness got the best of me when every part of my being wanted to dance. As I drove home that night, I regretted not dancing and letting lose because I don't come across these opportunities with friends as often as I would like. I let the thought go and I assumed the emotion left with it too, but the very next day, the dancing desire and excitement resurfaced. This lead to a day full of dancing. I couldn't get enough of music, singing, and dancing. I snapped, swayed, and felt soul good! Ugh, what a release! It can be what seems the simplest thing, yet our bodies store so much.

Take in a deep inhalation and notice where you are emotionally. What is the emotion? Where is it coming from? Why is it surfacing in this moment? Reflect. Release. Let go. Experience what your body wants to experience. Be copassionate and loving with yourself to understand yourself a little more. With every breath you take, get to know that beautiful person inside you. She/He wants to be known and understood.

"Conscious living: awareness leads to insight; insight leads to clarity; clarity leads to freedom."

This quote directed me to my emotions, where did this quote direct you?

Love and Light :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

The power of your WORDS

Pay close attention to the words you speak. Every word you speak, sets your vibration. When you are speaking words of excitement, positivity, or enthusiasm, your energy level increases which then increases your energy frequency. If you're speaking words of anger, judgement, sadness, or gossip, your energy levels decrease and in turn you'll feel that your energy is heavy. It always goes back to being mindful of your words(inside voice and outside voice), and your actions. Know where you are coming from when you speak. Lose the small talk and speak with intent. Silence is bliss. See if you can avoid trying to fill in silent moments with words that have no meaning. Who wants to speak out of force? If there's nothing to say, be silent. Awkwardness and silence are not a pair, yet we often pair them together. Awkwardness is in your mind and when you project those feelings, you create exactly that...awkward silence. Use the power of your words to work with and for you. Stop using your own power against you.
"I'm fat"
"I'm not good enough"
"I look awful today"
Those words project those feelings outward and in turn that energy force is sent out into the universe and now is attracting more circumstances that will keep you feeling that way or experiences that may negatively add to how you feel. Whether it is your inside voice or your outside voice. Never use your own words against yourself. Notice what you notice when you listen to others speak and notice what you say yourself. You may notice how often people put themselves down in a joking manner and because it's a "joke" it still carries an energy. This energy is then projected outward and now is vibrating at a level of depletion. We all know how one positive compliment can light a spark within us. Imagine how many times we burn out our own flames through the power of our own words. Pay attention to how you speak.

What's coming out of your mouth today? Positive, affirming, exciting, enthusiastic words?? I thought so!!

Take your power back.
"I love and approve of myself"
"I am amazing"
"I radiate beautiful energy"
"I am beautiful"
"I am confident and strong" 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finding the comfort in discomfort

What comforts you? Ohhhh I think of many things when I think of comfort. I think of home, family, money, friends, food, yoga, my lover. Now what about discomfort...what discomforts you? A new pimple, big change, new places and things, some yoga postures.
How can we find the comfort in our discomfort and unite these polarities?
                                                      Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The answer is SURRENDER!! Surrender to what is RIGHT NOW!!
Life brings about discomfort and so instead of focusing on how uncomfortable it feels...surrender to the emotions and focus on what does exist!! Find the greatness in the not so greatness situation(s). A large part of manifestation is surrender! As I begin this new yoga journey, I know that what lies before me is AMAZING, but it's all about surrendering to what is in this moment. It is never about the destination, but the journey in getting there! Whether you are changing jobs, friends, partners, houses, eating habits etc...continue to focus on what you want and yes keep visualizing and feeling yourself in this new change as if you're already living it....BUT surrender at the exact same time. Detach yourself from any expectations and just live PRESENT...just as you the shoes you are wearing. Be with the moment and be IN JOY!!

As I dream big and know that I am in the process of living my dream life...I surrender to what is, right here, right now...because it is all there is!! If I die tomorrow...I will be pleased to know that up until that dying moment I will have lived for what was NOW!! I don't intend to pass anytime soon, yet I know I will be around for many years to come, but this is something to think about!!

Can you detach yourself from the stresses and expectations of life and just find the comfort in your discomfort?? Yes you can! I know it! Do the work by opening your heart and opening your mind to seeing things awaken the child within...and to live mindfully...!!!

I am comfortable in my discomfort!! Are you?

Tina :)