Sunday, August 12, 2012


Practicing Spirituality...

if you go to church, does it mean you are sin-less?
if you meditate, does it mean you are enlightened?
if you practise yoga, does it mean your body is purified?

We are a bunch of souls having a human experience and within this experience, the practice of yoga/meditation are tools that we have to ground and strengthen us through life's rollercoaster ride. They are tools to keep us balanced and aware of our truth; the practice of seeing reality as it is...

It is easy now to ignore the truth, but the truth naturally wants to be known...recognized...acknowledged!!

Live and speak your truth for you. The ease and comfort of ignoring the truth, now, only adds layers of negative energy, which results in an awful build-up of negative thoughts, energy, and patterns. Habits are difficult to break and so if you're living in habit of lies, it is more difficult to break these patterns. Practice honesty and speaking your truth. Speak when you need to. Find your voice to gain strength and power within yourself. Blossom as you naturally are called to, letting go of limitations and barriers that keep you from living in your most authentic state. You are one with all and there is a powerful global union that we strive peace! Start it within yourself.
Don't hesitate to meditate!!
Practice your yoga to go deeper, bring inner stillness and connect with your higher self!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Change of Perspective

I have been self employed for over a year now and I have learned much about self discipline, self motivation, and self empowerment. Having gone from being part of a large team to working solo; the transition has taken me time to adjust. For as long as I can remember, the idea of waking up everyday and going to work for me, spiraled in my mind. And now here I am doing what I do as I wished for. I am very happy! Now looking back, I went to work daily with the intention of having to go because of a committment that I made to a boss. I realize now that if I only changed my perspective of going to work as a committment to myself, I would have been more fullfilled in the end.
How long does fullfillment really last when your initial intention is "to do"  or "please" someone else?

I wake up every day knowing that I work for me and that every thing I do or say is a reflection of me and who I am. In turn this evolves my business and the motivation to report to me remains strong because I work for me. Would I have felt fullfilled having set the intention to go to work for "me" when I was employed by another?
Y'know just shifting a perspective can change alot!

Who do you go to work for? Do you do your work for you?

Be well :)