Saturday, July 6, 2013


I set a timer on for 10minutes to lay down in savasana and I now feel so amazing. It has been a go, go, go day and thank goodness I took that time for myself before a Saturday night out with friends.
I haven't blogged for a while because I have felt that I had nothing, really, to write about and while I was laying in savasana the reason came to me. I have been super busy and at the end of my days I feel exhausted and when I am exhausted my mind is weak and when my mind is weak, I have no mind power to push away negative thoughts that stream in. I’ve been feeling negative, mentally, for a while now and it’s amazing how rest, relaxation, time-out can shift everything. During my rest (savasana), this is what came to me.


Wake up to who you really are. In yoga we practice om, which is the universal sound that means all is one. The symbol om has a very interesting meaning that represents us as humans in our dream state, living our life day to day and moment to moment unconsciously while never truly awakening. The veil that blurs our vision to what really exists around us; the veil of illusion. Do we look at people and see who they are or do we observe how they look and what they’re wearing, and form an opinion of who we think they are. How often is it that we look into people’s eyes when they speak to us or more so, how often do we actually listen to the words people say without our minds wandering off into some other thought or opinion of what they are saying. It happens to me all the time. And especially when I’m busy because that voice in my head just says, “I just don’t have time”…now that’s bull.
Time, this moment, is our only moment and so whatever time I claim I don’t have is bull. I only ever have this moment in time, not the past or future and all my thoughts are based on past and future unless I am consciously present and awake to what is going on around me. I’m done beating myself up about being super busy; it’s not working for me. I’m done beating myself up over not having enough time to meditate and do yoga as much as I’d like; it’s pushing me further and further away from making time to bring these balancing practices back because I’m so focused on the fact that they don’t exist. And so they don’t.
Next thought:
If you’re sensitive to people’s energy, then you’ll have to make an extra effort to surround yourself with people that look you in the eyes and truly hear you. I was reading about relationships a couple weeks ago and the book mentioned that if we are not happy with a friendship/partnership then we must move/go. We shouldn’t expect the other to change because we can’t change people; so we need to change. That annoyed me!! I initially thought, hell no…I’m not going anywhere….they need to go, but guess what…it’s me that needs to step away and remove myself from what no longer serves me. And if I don’t then I need to drop the complaining and just accept!! Wowza….that’s a hard one!!

So all this stuff is part of waking up to our authentic self!! Om, om, om!!Doesn’t it sound like something you want to get to later on, tomorrow, next month/year….or never.  

HA! This is life my friends…the journey to waking up to who we really are. The journey to genuinely connecting with family, friends, and strangers. The journey to loving ourselves no matter what we’ve done!!  

Life is Good. Life is Great!!



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jack of 2 trades, master of both!

I was told to choose one career path. My ego said this to me with an insulting judgement of… “Jack of all trades, master of none” Then as I started to reflect and possibly believe this, I heard it from someone else. Uh-Oh…what have I attracted to me? Answer: My own thoughts and beliefs projected back at me.
So, I thought long and hard about this and I decided that I am a jack of 2 trades and a master of both. I just cannot bring myself to choose one over the other. These two careers keep me balanced. It is work, hard work to divide my attention in two directions, but this is what I choose, I love it, and I can do it. Until I’m ready for the next change, I’ll remain present and enjoy this ride. My yoga keeps me connected to the community and myself. It keeps my heart, mind and body in shape.
My Hairdressing keeps me connected to the world of beauty and fashion trends. I enjoy dressing up, putting on makeup, doing my hair and feeling excited to offer a change to the next person who sits in my chair. I have the best of both worlds.

My purpose in sharing this awareness with you is that anything is possible. What may seem to be impossible to achieve or out of reach is only a thought and belief against what it is you want. Take your side to grow and evolve with the passions and purposes your true essence desires. It may not be the easiest route, but if you love what you do, you’ll never feel like you’ve worked a day in your life.

As my facebook newsfeed would say, Live what you love!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Did you know...

Did you know that taking care of yourself is taking care of your loved ones? When you take the time to do the things that fill you up (yoga, gym, cooking, reading, painting, singing, dancing etc) everyone in your life benefits from it. Part of serving others comes from serving yourself.
                                               HOW AMAZING IS THAT?
Taking time out away from day to day routine to recharge the self creates harmonious relationships in every area of life. When I take space to be me and do what I love, I am a better daughter, partner, hairstylist, yoga teacher, friend, sister, business owner...all the roles I play in my life are better and more fullfilling because I am recharged and balanced. I act authentically because I am coming from a place of truth and not just the same ol' "hey how are you?" with no intention at all of actually wanting to know how someone is.
When I serve myself, I know that the next time I cross paths with someone, I will be my real true self. And this is all I ever want to be. I want to be my true self all the time. No hidden agendas or ill intentions...and honestly sometimes those things surface because of the lack of self care that we take on, or maybe I should say that we do not take on. We are all good hearted people, but when we don't serve ourselves; the worst of us can come out. This doesn't feel good! Life is busy, so hectic...wowzers...but fitting myself into my day to day list of things to do can really alter my present reality.

Recently, I've had this urge to dance...and I mean dance, dress up, go all out. This is so far from what I've been doing in the last little while. I've been supressing this urge for a bit and now I feel I need to BREAK FREE AND JUST DANCE NOW!! And maybe you can relate. What is it that brings you deep joy...something exciting and fun and far from what you do on the regular? How long has it been since you've done this thing? So my advice to you would be, to just go friggin do it! It's so simple...just do it. Make the effort to do what you need to do! HA...I'm taking this advice personally! :D
Anyone wanna go dancing?

Take care of that sweet beautiful person you are because it will change your whole world...get that prana (life force energy) flowing through your body. Those feel good endorphins....whew!!
It feels so good to be alive...I'm dancing in my chair :)

As I honour the light in you, honour it in yourself!

P.S. I want to dance like this....copy and paste this link if you're curious about what i'm craving...ahhh!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Listen Up!

Rules before reading ;)
1.      Don’t make assumptions
2.       Don’t take anything personal

My Intentions are to get this message across to people who are not present! Please share this if you feel that someone could benefit from this blog post. I am a sensitive person and so I speak with gentleness. When you feel that you’re on the slopes to darkness, HONEST BLUNT TRUTH is the way to go. No sugar coating…go ahead and continue reading!
Listen up!
You are in control of your choices, no one else. If you want to change, it starts with you. No more blaming others for your life situation because the reason you are here in these shoes is because of the choices you have made. Anchor yourself. You are strong. Speak your truth because you deserve to. Literally start this now! When you practice honesty, you will receive honesty. Are you wondering why or how you attracted what exists in your life? Take a look at yourself from within and observe what thoughts run through your mind. If you’re judging, lying, cheating others…place that mirror in front of you because you’re doing it to yourself. Open your heart to truth…and you will receive truth. The truth heals and yes it does hurt, but hurt doesn’t last forever. I’m on a power trip right now because people who feel stuck need to dig deep within to find out why. What thoughts are repeating in your mind? Start with that. If a thought has repeated itself in your head 3 times, you need to speak out. Tell someone. Have you betrayed someone you love? Is it eating you alive? If not now, it most likely will because the truth always surfaces. Are you addicted to lying or judging? How does it feel after you’ve lied to or judged someone? GOOD? Well then you need some work. If it feels bad, then you also need some work! Find out why it feels good or bad. Dig deep within to find out. All the answers are within.
The key is to deal with things as they come. We are born with pure joy and happiness and as we age we get all layered up with experiences, good and bad. The bad experiences cause more emotional harm to us then we realize and so digging deep and dealing with things NOW is healthy. It will hurt now, but the reward is freedom, liberation. I have not won a large sum lottery, but I’d like to compare this liberating feeling to winning the big lottery because this does bring people freedom and liberation (same thing).
I am a huge believer in seeking guidance to help heal the body, mind, and spirit/soul. You get to choose your budget in this department because healing can begin with deep breathing, reading books or listening to inspirational audio books. You can choose other routes such as yoga classes, guided meditation, energy healing, life coaching and much more. Depression, anxiety, fear; these stem from past thoughts/experiences, future thoughts, or possible future experiences. In this very moment neither exists because in this moment you are probably sitting down by a computer or on your phone reading this. Are you present? Did I catch your attention? If I did, then this blog speaks to you and resonates with something within you. I would love to know that you are living your truth. If you’re living your truth, you are making this world a better place and on a smaller scale you are influencing your loved ones positively. You’d be surprised how many people you are an influence to. The change begins with you. Get here…be here…nothing else matters, but the PRESENT MOMENT.  
I am living proof. I’m good friends with freedom and honesty; they’d like to be your friends too!
Free your heart. Let your body release, cleanse, and heal. YOU have to choose this. You are the author of your life. Go nuts, have fun!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A thousand lessons...

Every Injury is worth a thousand lessons.
I recently came across a shoulder joint injury and I claim that it came from no where, but I am discovering quickly that this injury was caused by me and only me. In my yoga classes, I preach about alignment and practicing yoga safely. I didn't factor into the equation that when I, myself practice yoga, I should practice safely.
On a scale of one to ten, one is super inflexible and ten is super flexible. People who are inflexible have to work towards gaining flexibility, aiming for a 5-6 on the scale, which is attainable and a realistic goal. People who are flexible have to work backwards to gain strength to bring themselves to a 5-6 on the scale, but this is hard to gage when you're working backwards. I am a yoga teacher who teaches many classes per week on top of my own practice and what I've been doing is hanging out in my joints, right shoulder joint to be exact.
Build your strength...don't hang out in the joints please!!!

Lesson #1- strength is just as important as flexibility.
After repetitive incorrect alignment comes injury.
Lesson #2, 3, and 4 - slow down and listen to the body, focus, concentrate.

"But I just want to get into the posture and feel it. I've been waiting for this physical release all day" says my ego.
Rush rush rush, get into the yoga postures, week after week, month after month and there you have injury. Practice mindfully. Practice safely. Challenge yourself, but listen to your body today.
Your yoga practice will flourish over time and it is only until injury happens that we really recognize how much yoga is needed in life. Yoga all you want, the more the better!! Just do it mindfully and safely please!!

tathaastu-so be it


Sunday, August 12, 2012


Practicing Spirituality...

if you go to church, does it mean you are sin-less?
if you meditate, does it mean you are enlightened?
if you practise yoga, does it mean your body is purified?

We are a bunch of souls having a human experience and within this experience, the practice of yoga/meditation are tools that we have to ground and strengthen us through life's rollercoaster ride. They are tools to keep us balanced and aware of our truth; the practice of seeing reality as it is...

It is easy now to ignore the truth, but the truth naturally wants to be known...recognized...acknowledged!!

Live and speak your truth for you. The ease and comfort of ignoring the truth, now, only adds layers of negative energy, which results in an awful build-up of negative thoughts, energy, and patterns. Habits are difficult to break and so if you're living in habit of lies, it is more difficult to break these patterns. Practice honesty and speaking your truth. Speak when you need to. Find your voice to gain strength and power within yourself. Blossom as you naturally are called to, letting go of limitations and barriers that keep you from living in your most authentic state. You are one with all and there is a powerful global union that we strive peace! Start it within yourself.
Don't hesitate to meditate!!
Practice your yoga to go deeper, bring inner stillness and connect with your higher self!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Change of Perspective

I have been self employed for over a year now and I have learned much about self discipline, self motivation, and self empowerment. Having gone from being part of a large team to working solo; the transition has taken me time to adjust. For as long as I can remember, the idea of waking up everyday and going to work for me, spiraled in my mind. And now here I am doing what I do as I wished for. I am very happy! Now looking back, I went to work daily with the intention of having to go because of a committment that I made to a boss. I realize now that if I only changed my perspective of going to work as a committment to myself, I would have been more fullfilled in the end.
How long does fullfillment really last when your initial intention is "to do"  or "please" someone else?

I wake up every day knowing that I work for me and that every thing I do or say is a reflection of me and who I am. In turn this evolves my business and the motivation to report to me remains strong because I work for me. Would I have felt fullfilled having set the intention to go to work for "me" when I was employed by another?
Y'know just shifting a perspective can change alot!

Who do you go to work for? Do you do your work for you?

Be well :)