Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 is AMAZING...

Put a smile on your face because you know 2012 is going to be an amazing year. Let me re-phrase that. Because what you think today, creates your tomorrow's...speak of your goals/intentions in the present tense. 2012 is an amazing year. If you speak in future tense, your goals/intentions are always out there. Notice how you speak.  

2012 is AMAZING!

All the best!!



Before 2011 comes to an end...

Before 2011 comes to an end, spend some time in meditation.
Sit with your legs crossed in easy seated pose, sukkhasana. One ankle infront of the other and allow your knees to fall to the side. Place a cushion underneath your buttocks to align your pelvis. The cushion will prop up your hips, tilting your pelvis forward so you can sit with a tall spine. Bring your index finger and thumb together in Jhana Mudra, a hand gesture for wisdom and knowledge, and place your hands on your knees with your palms facing upward. Let your elbows hang below the shoulders in a very relaxed position. Tuck your chin in slightly to elongate the back of your neck. Sit with a tall spine, slightly drawing your shoulder blades towards one another, embracing the back of your heart. Broaden the collarbone to open up the heart center. Close your eyes. Bring your attention inward. 
Begin to take deep belly breaths. On the inhalation expand your belly and on the exhalation deflate the tummy. Notice what you notice with your self. Is your mind wandering? If it is, bring it back to the breath, the pranayama, the life force energy. Let your breath be your focal point and with every exhalation releasing the thoughts, one by one...

Continue breathing. Sitting here in stillness, in silence, and enjoy! 

If you can sit for 5-10's a great start!
15-30 minutes...even better!
No pressure. Do what you can!

Happy FINAL Day of the year!

Tina :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

11 day count down...

Including today, there are 11 days left of 2011. The first feeling/thought that comes to me is a sigh of releif...ugh...thank goodness!!
Think of 11 lessons that 2011 brought you and order them from small lessons to large lessons. As these next 11 days unfold, beginning with the small lessons, Thank yourself for partaking in this lesson and then let it go.
If I log off, I may get too "busy" to do this exercise for myself, so I will share my lessons with you. As I begin to reflect back, it seems that they are all big lessons and I'm finding it difficult to put them in order. If this occurs to you, just go with the flow and write down what comes up first. Center yourself first, take a few deeeeep breaths and begin...

I am thankful for...

11. learning how to cook for myself when I was in Vancouver

10. putting myself out there and meeting new people because it wasn't so scary afterall

9. affirming myself everyday because it really gave me strength and courage to move forward

8. standing my ground above all other's opinions about my choices

7. trusting in my heart to lead me on the path of joyful living

6. my awareness that psychics are addictive and to just live in the moment and be patient for tomorrow

5. the committment I have to myself of loving me first

4. the trust I have in love

3. knowing and accepting that not everyone is going to love me

2. the acceptance that with change comes loss and it's healthy for things to not stay the same

1. meditation which is my ground, the way food is my fuel

The words in bold sum up my year of 2011. I've spent so much time and energy on letting go of the past that it was difficult to dig out these lessons. It's taken me about 30 minutes to complete this. I feel relieved! I hope for you to feel relieved as well!!

Set your ego aside and recognize that you are worth all the goodness life has to offer you and that by trusting in the process of this moment that carries into the next moment, everything is always working out for you. Go see a psychic for fun, but let your heart guide you to where you want to be next. If you listen to your heart, it will never fail you!! Take some precious time for YOU!

11 day count down...make it memorable!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trust in love...

Love. Love. Love.
Love is such a beautiful thing to experience, yet why does getting lost in it feel so unstable? I am ascedning in love, but I'm lost in it at the same time. Where's my ground? AHHHHH!! In the movie, EAT PRAY LOVE...Liz attempts to hold herself back from the lost in love feeling and she tries to bury her feelings, but it doesn't bring her joy. TRUST...that is the first word that just popped in my head. Giving your heart to someone you love, in full hopes that they'll know exactly what to do with it. I make it sound so easy, don't I? Love is worth surrendering to and when that moment enters your life, just be grateful and go with it!!

Trust in's a beautiful thing!   

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm drawing a blank here...

I love blogging and I want to blog all the time, but sometimes (right now), I sit infront of the computer screen and I'm searching for words. I know that the only way to overcome this is to just write (type) and keep the words flowing and then next thing you know, i'll click publish post and it's all done. One more blog! YAY!!

This time though I'm thinking of blogging about happiness and I'm guessing that I'm choosing this because it's what I'm feeling right now! It's this deep happiness, joy that I feel and although I cannot feel every cell in my body vibrating...I know it is! It is through my throughts that replay in my head that tell me where I'm at in this moment! I'm going to be honest...I had moments last night of feeling unworthy of love and joy. I sat and observed my emotions and I knew that my thought pattern created this feeling. This emotion surfaced from a past memory of hurt and sadness and I dwelled in that moment long enough to convince myself that I wasn't worthy of love and joy! It amazes me how I believed my self critic for those moments because I've done so much work on myself and continue to do work on myself, but this really showed me that there is no destination when you work on's a continuous maintenance program that you put yourself on so you can live your best life. It is very comparable to a fitness don't just workout, eat right, lose weight, and then you're done. It is a lifestyle shift that starts with what goes into your mouth...only this program I'm talking about is specifically the program we are on that notices what we put in our mind. Just as we can binge eat and not realize...we can put shit (pardon me) in our head and not realize it. And next thing you know, you feel down. I hate hearing about anti deperessants and how people turn to them for a fix. Anti depressants numb the pain, which in turn never really gives the person the opportunity to work through the issues. I emphasize strongly on working through issues as they arrive because supressing them and/or getting to them later is not doing anyone a favour...especially you! did I go from happiness to anti depressants? The answer is that I am passionate about sharing my life experiences with people to help them with their decisions and their journey. I have my own strong views on life and I know from my experience that living an inspired life RIGHT NOW is where it's at.
There's enought stuff in the outside world that stimulates us, whether positive or negative, but living a life where you are excited to go to bed at night so you can wake up tomorrow is the quality life I always want to live and always will. I committ to myself every single day to do the work...whether it be meditate, eat healthy, read an inspirational quote, people watch...whatever it is that makes you happy!! Every single day, do whatever it takes to make yourself happy and everything else will work itself out!!

Peace Shanti Peace Shanti!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Facebook!!

Pay attention to the deeper intention behind logging into your facebook account. Keep in mind that I always blog from my experience :o) I can truthfully say that there was a time when I was drawn to facebook to either...
1. Feed my ego
2. Beat myself up

Why is facebook part of YOUR life??
I hope to believe that we are connected to this well thought networking site to keep in touch with close/distant friends and/or family, to share part of who we are and our lives with chosen people, and then of course to network. Facebook becomes dangerous if you're using it against yourself or others. For example, there is someone on your "friends" list that you are envious of and you find yourself addicted to their profile. You study all their photos, you know all their updates, you know every curve in their face/body or every flaw. This sounds stalkerish to me. Yikes...I can admit, I was once this! If you "perceive" them to be better looking than you...your mind wanders off in a comparing match and then next thing you know...logging on to FB today made you feel awful. You are wrong! Facebook isn't the issue, your "friend" isn't the issue..YOU ARE! The truth hurts, I know...but rememeber the truth sets you free!!

Take responsibility for your thoughts. Your negative thoughts created those emotions inside you. Let them go. What good does it do you to snoop at your "friends" photos to compare and judge yourself or them?? For one, you are only hurting yourself by putting more junk into your head. Do you not have enough stuff in your head that you need to work through?? Why are you adding more??

Secondly, they have no idea that you are doing this and if they knew they probably don't care because it's your issue. They won't take your stalking issues personally.

Mindfullness...have a decent purpose for using (or should I say abusing) facebook. If you can't help yourself, start with deleting the people that bring that negativity out in you. I can't emphasize enough on the idea that we are so unaware of these little addictions that exist within us. Read a book; fill your head with something useful!! Get off facebook if your intentions are negative. It really isn't the purpose of FB. Take your power back from all those people that you stalk and put it into yourself. That negative energy that you are projecting only causes a viscious cycle of low self esteem, no confidence, self-hatred, feeling unworthy or not good enough!

Next time you are drawn to the routine of logging it with a good intention!

In conclusion...know yourself...

What are your intentions? Not just on facebook, but in all that you do...

Peace Peace Peace


Monday, December 5, 2011

In the midst of chaos, keep stillness inside you!

Look around and notice what you see. People...stuck in their minds...stuck in thought!! I watch people on the regular and sometimes I'm happy, but I'm just as equally saddened! The cluttered thoughts keep us prisoners of our mind. The path of awareness is no easy path, but it is a path of longterm extraordinary happiness. It's the path of getting to know yourself and understanding yourself in depth. There is no one that should know you better then yourself.Others should just remind you, if you forget, but turn inward and bring yourself back. Back to that beautiful place inside you, where you feel joy no matter what is going on in the outside world. In the midst of the chaos around you, find stillness within and smile!

Chaos is no the work to find stillness inside you. It's in there! Bathe in it!