Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm drawing a blank here...

I love blogging and I want to blog all the time, but sometimes (right now), I sit infront of the computer screen and I'm searching for words. I know that the only way to overcome this is to just write (type) and keep the words flowing and then next thing you know, i'll click publish post and it's all done. One more blog! YAY!!

This time though I'm thinking of blogging about happiness and I'm guessing that I'm choosing this because it's what I'm feeling right now! It's this deep happiness, joy that I feel and although I cannot feel every cell in my body vibrating...I know it is! It is through my throughts that replay in my head that tell me where I'm at in this moment! I'm going to be honest...I had moments last night of feeling unworthy of love and joy. I sat and observed my emotions and I knew that my thought pattern created this feeling. This emotion surfaced from a past memory of hurt and sadness and I dwelled in that moment long enough to convince myself that I wasn't worthy of love and joy! It amazes me how I believed my self critic for those moments because I've done so much work on myself and continue to do work on myself, but this really showed me that there is no destination when you work on's a continuous maintenance program that you put yourself on so you can live your best life. It is very comparable to a fitness don't just workout, eat right, lose weight, and then you're done. It is a lifestyle shift that starts with what goes into your mouth...only this program I'm talking about is specifically the program we are on that notices what we put in our mind. Just as we can binge eat and not realize...we can put shit (pardon me) in our head and not realize it. And next thing you know, you feel down. I hate hearing about anti deperessants and how people turn to them for a fix. Anti depressants numb the pain, which in turn never really gives the person the opportunity to work through the issues. I emphasize strongly on working through issues as they arrive because supressing them and/or getting to them later is not doing anyone a favour...especially you! did I go from happiness to anti depressants? The answer is that I am passionate about sharing my life experiences with people to help them with their decisions and their journey. I have my own strong views on life and I know from my experience that living an inspired life RIGHT NOW is where it's at.
There's enought stuff in the outside world that stimulates us, whether positive or negative, but living a life where you are excited to go to bed at night so you can wake up tomorrow is the quality life I always want to live and always will. I committ to myself every single day to do the work...whether it be meditate, eat healthy, read an inspirational quote, people watch...whatever it is that makes you happy!! Every single day, do whatever it takes to make yourself happy and everything else will work itself out!!

Peace Shanti Peace Shanti!!

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