Thursday, April 26, 2012


Cultivate within you, three words that snap you back into a feel good place. Maybe choosing peace, love, gratitude. Words that make you feel good! Resort to these words as you need to throughout your day and begin to personal train your mind and body to respond positively to these 3 words of your choice. Post them in places you will often see them, such as in your wallet, at your desk, on your fridge, on the mirror, or computer screen. With practice, you will notice a shift and possibly a mastered awareness of the thoughts that come into your mind. Continue to filter out negativity as it surfaces, but now practice non-attachment with your chosen 3 words. Let the words be your initial guide, secondly remove the dependency you have with the words. Grounding yourself initially with a tool (3 words), but now mastering the ability to feel a calmness within you and a strong connection to yourself. A connection so strong that you always trust and know that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time and more so that you ARE perfection manifested in human form...Love and Light!

Compare this technique to a newborn baby. You are the newborn baby, very dependent on your caregiver, but there comes a time when you can fend for yourself, leading your life a little more independently. Although always knowing that you can resort to your caregiver to guide you when needed.

Seek independency in all areas of your life and where there is dependecy, without dwelling in a negative state of mind, recognize the possibilities that who or what you depend on may not always be there. Find the strength and courage within you to stand tall on your own two feet, complete and whole as you are. Allow others and things to be an addition to your already fantastic life. 

A personal story to share...
There was a time when I used another human being, who I cared for and loved, to fill in areas of my life that I could not fullfill myself and it took me many years to come to this realization. I was in fear of the truth. The realization surfaced when I was learning to fill in those gaps for myself. I could not help, but realize that I no longer felt connected to this person who I thought was my forever. Sad?! I know, very! It was this truth that was screaming out of every pore on my body. Life, is that what you call it?!?!? YES!!
So people will love you, leave you, care for you, and hurt you...just know that they served a time and purpose. Feel gratitude. Good or bad. Happy or sad. Unite both extreme emotions at center, neutrality. It is what it is. Life, it happens, right?!

Shedding some light and love to you my friend,


Friday, April 13, 2012

What are you REALLY saying?

What's good?
What's right?

I was catching up with a friend yesterday and he asked me, " tell me what's good?"
Not expecting that question, I paused!
That is a fantastic question to ask someone. What's good? OR What's right?
Hmmmm, what is good? I carried on telling him about the great things going on in my life and I felt great afterwards catching up on what was good in both of our lives rather then an update of the not so fabulous stuff. The not so good things, they do exist. That's life. Life happens to us all, but why focus on it.
I started thinking of what I tend to ask people and it's more along the lines of "what's new?"
This is an invitation to hearing the great things, but also the not so great things.

Another one I catch myself asking is, "What's wrong?"  when I see someone that seems down or upset. In all honesty, I get all kinds of responses, but most commonly nothing is wrong.
I assume that things are wrong. WHY?? If you can relate, let's put out there that things are right and not assume that things are wrong.
Imagine I'm infront of you asking, so what's right? OR What's good? I'm all ears, tell me! : D
Let's share all the great things going on with each other and inspire each other. That's usually how it works!
My girlfriend started Muay Thai and the energy behind how she speaks of it inspired me to look into finding a hobby for myself that I could really enjoy. Inspire someone by telling them what's good or what's right in your life. Speak mindfully and ask mindfully.
Get off auto pilot and mean it when you ask someone "how are you?"
If you are not interested, don't ask.



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Past Present Future

The past resides in the memory and the future resides in the imagination. Use the strength of your mind/memory to bring lessons forth to then acquire an in depth knowledge of the self. Attune the imagination to forsee a fullfilling tomorrow. A future full of abundance in health, love, happiness, and wealth.
Rid the junk from your past, but take the lessons to carry you forward into what it is you really desire. With no judgement of who you were or your experiences. Take each step with mindfullness and a positive intention. All that was served a purpose and all that will be, will have its purpose. Bathe in the now and set an intention to then feel that in this moment you have a purpose. Let your purpose be, living in the moment. Lose track of time and just be.

Just be. Be what your soul is screaming out for...

Love. Peace. Joy.