Friday, April 13, 2012

What are you REALLY saying?

What's good?
What's right?

I was catching up with a friend yesterday and he asked me, " tell me what's good?"
Not expecting that question, I paused!
That is a fantastic question to ask someone. What's good? OR What's right?
Hmmmm, what is good? I carried on telling him about the great things going on in my life and I felt great afterwards catching up on what was good in both of our lives rather then an update of the not so fabulous stuff. The not so good things, they do exist. That's life. Life happens to us all, but why focus on it.
I started thinking of what I tend to ask people and it's more along the lines of "what's new?"
This is an invitation to hearing the great things, but also the not so great things.

Another one I catch myself asking is, "What's wrong?"  when I see someone that seems down or upset. In all honesty, I get all kinds of responses, but most commonly nothing is wrong.
I assume that things are wrong. WHY?? If you can relate, let's put out there that things are right and not assume that things are wrong.
Imagine I'm infront of you asking, so what's right? OR What's good? I'm all ears, tell me! : D
Let's share all the great things going on with each other and inspire each other. That's usually how it works!
My girlfriend started Muay Thai and the energy behind how she speaks of it inspired me to look into finding a hobby for myself that I could really enjoy. Inspire someone by telling them what's good or what's right in your life. Speak mindfully and ask mindfully.
Get off auto pilot and mean it when you ask someone "how are you?"
If you are not interested, don't ask.



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