Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Past Present Future

The past resides in the memory and the future resides in the imagination. Use the strength of your mind/memory to bring lessons forth to then acquire an in depth knowledge of the self. Attune the imagination to forsee a fullfilling tomorrow. A future full of abundance in health, love, happiness, and wealth.
Rid the junk from your past, but take the lessons to carry you forward into what it is you really desire. With no judgement of who you were or your experiences. Take each step with mindfullness and a positive intention. All that was served a purpose and all that will be, will have its purpose. Bathe in the now and set an intention to then feel that in this moment you have a purpose. Let your purpose be, living in the moment. Lose track of time and just be.

Just be. Be what your soul is screaming out for...

Love. Peace. Joy.


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