Saturday, July 6, 2013


I set a timer on for 10minutes to lay down in savasana and I now feel so amazing. It has been a go, go, go day and thank goodness I took that time for myself before a Saturday night out with friends.
I haven't blogged for a while because I have felt that I had nothing, really, to write about and while I was laying in savasana the reason came to me. I have been super busy and at the end of my days I feel exhausted and when I am exhausted my mind is weak and when my mind is weak, I have no mind power to push away negative thoughts that stream in. I’ve been feeling negative, mentally, for a while now and it’s amazing how rest, relaxation, time-out can shift everything. During my rest (savasana), this is what came to me.


Wake up to who you really are. In yoga we practice om, which is the universal sound that means all is one. The symbol om has a very interesting meaning that represents us as humans in our dream state, living our life day to day and moment to moment unconsciously while never truly awakening. The veil that blurs our vision to what really exists around us; the veil of illusion. Do we look at people and see who they are or do we observe how they look and what they’re wearing, and form an opinion of who we think they are. How often is it that we look into people’s eyes when they speak to us or more so, how often do we actually listen to the words people say without our minds wandering off into some other thought or opinion of what they are saying. It happens to me all the time. And especially when I’m busy because that voice in my head just says, “I just don’t have time”…now that’s bull.
Time, this moment, is our only moment and so whatever time I claim I don’t have is bull. I only ever have this moment in time, not the past or future and all my thoughts are based on past and future unless I am consciously present and awake to what is going on around me. I’m done beating myself up about being super busy; it’s not working for me. I’m done beating myself up over not having enough time to meditate and do yoga as much as I’d like; it’s pushing me further and further away from making time to bring these balancing practices back because I’m so focused on the fact that they don’t exist. And so they don’t.
Next thought:
If you’re sensitive to people’s energy, then you’ll have to make an extra effort to surround yourself with people that look you in the eyes and truly hear you. I was reading about relationships a couple weeks ago and the book mentioned that if we are not happy with a friendship/partnership then we must move/go. We shouldn’t expect the other to change because we can’t change people; so we need to change. That annoyed me!! I initially thought, hell no…I’m not going anywhere….they need to go, but guess what…it’s me that needs to step away and remove myself from what no longer serves me. And if I don’t then I need to drop the complaining and just accept!! Wowza….that’s a hard one!!

So all this stuff is part of waking up to our authentic self!! Om, om, om!!Doesn’t it sound like something you want to get to later on, tomorrow, next month/year….or never.  

HA! This is life my friends…the journey to waking up to who we really are. The journey to genuinely connecting with family, friends, and strangers. The journey to loving ourselves no matter what we’ve done!!  

Life is Good. Life is Great!!



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jack of 2 trades, master of both!

I was told to choose one career path. My ego said this to me with an insulting judgement of… “Jack of all trades, master of none” Then as I started to reflect and possibly believe this, I heard it from someone else. Uh-Oh…what have I attracted to me? Answer: My own thoughts and beliefs projected back at me.
So, I thought long and hard about this and I decided that I am a jack of 2 trades and a master of both. I just cannot bring myself to choose one over the other. These two careers keep me balanced. It is work, hard work to divide my attention in two directions, but this is what I choose, I love it, and I can do it. Until I’m ready for the next change, I’ll remain present and enjoy this ride. My yoga keeps me connected to the community and myself. It keeps my heart, mind and body in shape.
My Hairdressing keeps me connected to the world of beauty and fashion trends. I enjoy dressing up, putting on makeup, doing my hair and feeling excited to offer a change to the next person who sits in my chair. I have the best of both worlds.

My purpose in sharing this awareness with you is that anything is possible. What may seem to be impossible to achieve or out of reach is only a thought and belief against what it is you want. Take your side to grow and evolve with the passions and purposes your true essence desires. It may not be the easiest route, but if you love what you do, you’ll never feel like you’ve worked a day in your life.

As my facebook newsfeed would say, Live what you love!!