Monday, September 27, 2010


"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it" I read this quote in a great book called Find your strongest life by Marcus Buckingham. Check it out.

Do you...
Like yourself...why?
I like myself because I am a loving person. I am a loving person to myself and I show this through the foods I eat, the healthy active lifestyle I lead, and the positive affirmations I say to myself in the mirror every day. I share what I know with others and I enjoy making people feel good. I love to encourage people to be the best they can be. I often think of how I am going to be an amazing mom because of all that I know and all the love I have to give.

Like what you do...why?
I like what I do. I look at my days with my clients as moments to express myself creatively through my hairdressing craft or even conversation. I know that to myself I am an inspiring person and I would love to be the one who sits in my chair time after time hearing all that I have to share. Not only do I love this creativity that bursts out of me regularily, but my yoga teaching as well. I teach from the heart. I teach what I know and add my own little inspirational moments throughout the class. I know that during my classes, my students learn how to get into the poses with what their body allows them to do that day. They spend a full class focusing on themselves, their breath, their body, their spirit. They feel soul good when they leave. This makes me happy.

Like how you do it...
I love how I cut, colour, and style hair. I love how I communicate with my clients/friends. I love how I make them feel comfortable with me and themselves. I love how I teach yoga and through what I express people can relate without having to share and having that option to openly share with me after class. I love this. I love expressing myself and I love when people listen to me. I do have valuable things to say because I pay such close attention to the things I experieince and I take all the learnings to then share with everyone.


I do believe that I have alot to offer as a person. I am a great daughter. I am a great sister. I am a great girlfriend. I am a great friend. I am a great hairstylist. I am a great teacher. I am great and I know it.

Love YOU  :)

I believe this is SUCCESS.

Love YOU

Love YOU the way you are.
Love YOU first.
Love YOU now.
Loving the self and making ourseleves a priority in our own lives is HUGE. I can remember a time when I was so consumed with pleasing everyone I loved. And what I failed to realized was that I didn't love myself enough to add myself to that group. Find ways to spend time with yourself, whether it may be while you're driving, listening to a beautiful peice of music, taking a yoga class, focusing on your breath. Give yourself this time. You are worth it. There isn't anyone that is more important in your life than you. This may be hard to believe as a parent, but when you do love yourself, which in turn means taking time for youself, you are able to fill yourself up so you can overflow with love and then share with others. You are your truest self when you have clarity, breathe with ease, and can smile from your heart. Why not target this feeling every day.

Love YOU :)