Monday, September 27, 2010

Love YOU

Love YOU the way you are.
Love YOU first.
Love YOU now.
Loving the self and making ourseleves a priority in our own lives is HUGE. I can remember a time when I was so consumed with pleasing everyone I loved. And what I failed to realized was that I didn't love myself enough to add myself to that group. Find ways to spend time with yourself, whether it may be while you're driving, listening to a beautiful peice of music, taking a yoga class, focusing on your breath. Give yourself this time. You are worth it. There isn't anyone that is more important in your life than you. This may be hard to believe as a parent, but when you do love yourself, which in turn means taking time for youself, you are able to fill yourself up so you can overflow with love and then share with others. You are your truest self when you have clarity, breathe with ease, and can smile from your heart. Why not target this feeling every day.

Love YOU :)

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