Monday, September 27, 2010


"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it" I read this quote in a great book called Find your strongest life by Marcus Buckingham. Check it out.

Do you...
Like yourself...why?
I like myself because I am a loving person. I am a loving person to myself and I show this through the foods I eat, the healthy active lifestyle I lead, and the positive affirmations I say to myself in the mirror every day. I share what I know with others and I enjoy making people feel good. I love to encourage people to be the best they can be. I often think of how I am going to be an amazing mom because of all that I know and all the love I have to give.

Like what you do...why?
I like what I do. I look at my days with my clients as moments to express myself creatively through my hairdressing craft or even conversation. I know that to myself I am an inspiring person and I would love to be the one who sits in my chair time after time hearing all that I have to share. Not only do I love this creativity that bursts out of me regularily, but my yoga teaching as well. I teach from the heart. I teach what I know and add my own little inspirational moments throughout the class. I know that during my classes, my students learn how to get into the poses with what their body allows them to do that day. They spend a full class focusing on themselves, their breath, their body, their spirit. They feel soul good when they leave. This makes me happy.

Like how you do it...
I love how I cut, colour, and style hair. I love how I communicate with my clients/friends. I love how I make them feel comfortable with me and themselves. I love how I teach yoga and through what I express people can relate without having to share and having that option to openly share with me after class. I love this. I love expressing myself and I love when people listen to me. I do have valuable things to say because I pay such close attention to the things I experieince and I take all the learnings to then share with everyone.


I do believe that I have alot to offer as a person. I am a great daughter. I am a great sister. I am a great girlfriend. I am a great friend. I am a great hairstylist. I am a great teacher. I am great and I know it.

Love YOU  :)

I believe this is SUCCESS.

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  1. And I love you too Tina!! Everything you just said is true!!
    I like this blog! Very inspirational. Keep it up.