Friday, October 1, 2010

Living as half or whole?

Are you living as a half or as a whole?
Living as a half is rushing through your day. Living as a whole is embracing your whole being in each moment. Whole living is conscious eating. Reflect on what you have put into your body thus far. From affirmations to food, it all counts. Go get yourself a herbal tea or a huge glass of water. ENJOY. Continue reading...

If you didn't start your day as a whole, rushed to shove food in your mouth or none at all, don't continue down that slope. Let's change your direction. Right now, take a second to prepare yourself a wholesome snack, maybe some fruit with nuts, or a Larabar. Don't take a second, you are worth more then that, take 5, take 10 :) Pardone moi.  And if you've been shovelling soso food in your mouth all day long, picture this. You wake up and Tummy needs about 30 minutes to realize she's hungry (I recommend waiting at least 30minutes) Waiting allows the hard working men in your bowels to maybe get rid of any more waste from yesterday. So before piling anymore food on the hardworking men in there, give them a chance to clear out. Then the men will want to start their days work, so there you go adding in your first very important well balanced breakfast. Tummy feels so good, and doesn't punish you with bloating or gas because you have fed her well :) Tummy thanks you kindly for taking the time for her this morning.

The first thoughts you think when you wake will determine your day, the first meal you have will determine your day...always start your day living as a whole. Take the time to yawn, to take a few deep breaths, to stretch your arms over your head, to notice what Tummy needs. Live as a whole. You are worth it. Love YOU.

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