Saturday, October 2, 2010

Don't listen to that inner voice

I always hear about how we should all listen to that inner voice. I hear it in yoga, I read it in books, I'm told through conversation. Now, if that inner voice is a negative, energy sucking monster who makes you feel horrible, then don't listen. That voice is your ego, it's speaking from fear. So please, do yourself this favour and don't listen to that inner voice. Listen to your feelings, how you feel with each moment. Always go with how you feel. Notice how you feel right NOW. Check in with how you feel when you go to work, when you interact with your friends, when you spend time with your partner, when you attend family gatherings, when you see your child(ren)/pet(s) after a long day. Check in to the signals your body gives you. I do experience that negative inner voice. I feel that it tries to manipulate some of my relationships, but I choose to not take it personal. Instead I think of how I feel being in the relationships. When that inner voice is trying to convince you of something it is saying, always check in with how you feel.

Do the things that make you feel soul good. Hang with the people that make you feel soul good. Do the work that brings that soul good fullfillment into your days. This is loving YOU, this is taking care of YOU, this is being SELFISH, this is BUILDING yourself up, this is finding your STRENGTHS, this is living with INTENTION, and this is living as a WHOLE.

Peace Peace Peace

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