Friday, January 7, 2011

Set your boundaries...

I have been off work this entire week and I didn't plan anything. I faught myself tirelessly trying to book a trip or a workshop or SOMETHING...because I was so resistant to not having plans. I didn't make any.
I can say this week has been a week of getting to know myself again. I am great and I appreciate the people in my life who are close with me. I'm not always the easiest person to talk to, nor do I listen always, but that's okay because thats me. All my imperfections balance out my perfections. I love me :)

So my intentions to blog this morning was to share an experience I had today. My boyfriend has been away this week and so I haven't had the affection nor the attention that I am used to from the opposite sex. And introducing body awareness and where my energy is today, was revealed to me this morning. I was routinely at my friday morning yoga class and during the first few moments in meditation a few people came in late and so there was a little space beside me for a mat and this cute guy rolled out his mat beside me. During the practice I noticed my energy shifting and I felt at ease, attentive, and a little needy. This guy beside me was noticing me and I knew I wanted to be noticed. The attention I have been missing and wanting all week from my boyfriend was given to me this morning. In the most subtle ways, I felt fulfilled from this cute guy noticing me. And I laugh now as I blog because it amazes me how powerful humans are. As soon as he layed out his mat, he must have picked up on my energy because he gave me what I was looking for. I was in scrubs, had dirty hair, no makeup, sweating, and doing lion breaths with my tongue hanging out of my mouth and my eyes wide open...and he noticed me. I love that. Of course I am taking his attention as a compliment because I felt his attraction to me, I just knew he was. That is what I want from a partner, is to notice me when I'm not trying to be noticed. I assume most people want that. Do you ever plan to wear sexy lingerie and imagine this grand production from your mate when they see you...and then its not as you imagined? Why is that? Is it because it was planned and it wasn't a natural occurance? Maybe overthought?

Start to notice the people that are not trying to be noticed. Can you direct your attention away from your norm? I often do that, I will give the people who aren't tryng to gain attention, my attention!! Its so fulfilling for me :)

Anyways, at the end of my fulfilling experience of being noticed when I wasn't trying to be noticed, I'm thankful that I set my boundaries and didn't respond to the attention I was receiving. Im also thankful that my love is coming home in 3 days and I'll get that attention I was energetically seeking from him.

Set your boundaries and notice the people who are not trying to be noticed. What have you discovered?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't die with your song left inside you

"Don't die with your song left inside you. Let it guide you, along the way..."

What is your song? What is calling you? Forget about the what ifs and the buts...the first thing that comes to mind as you ponder those two questions, is that it? Go for what you wish. Do what you love. Dream big and blossom into the person you love. Be the author of your life and let go of anything holding you back. The things holding you back are great challenges to test your strength and to see how much you love yourself. Be strong, find the peaceful warrior within you and love yourself by singing your song.

This blog was inspired by the movie "The Shift" by Dr. Wayne Dyer