Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's go higher by Johnny Reid

Just when I feel I've reached the moon, you look at me and say let's go higher...a song that must be heard and a video that must be seen...click below


Did you know...

Did you know that what you notice in others is what you see in yourself. Life mirrors to you what you need to be aware of or tap into. I signed up for a yoga workshop in the city and when the day finally came, I was so grateful that I signed up for 2 in a row because I was feeling emotionally drained and I needed the yoga so desperately to get me back to my authentic self. She mentioned that when we notice faults in others, it's what we see in ourselves, but EVEN better...when we see beauty in others, it's because we see it in ourselves.

I couldn't believe she said that because for the entire 2 workshops, I was blown away by how she was such a beautiful person on the inside and out...and guess what?? That is how I see myself and through another being, I was reminded that I am beautiful on the inside and out.

Ta Da...just like magic

Short, but sweet

One person can have all the qualities you are looking for, but whats most important is how they make you feel. :P

Monday, April 18, 2011

Words of Affirmation

In my bathroom, on my counter, infront of my mirror, I have a print out of affirmations that I turn to regularily. When I affirm any of these, I look myself in the eyes and I repeat. I affirm it, I believe it, and I send it out into the universe and let the universe work its magic for me. Allow me to share with you my affirmations...

My body easily digests all that I consume.
I have clear beautiful skin.
I trust my gut as it always knows best.
I deserve to be happy in all areas of my life.
My happiness is in my hands and it is my right to be happy.
I go with the flow of life and trust that things are always working out for me.
I allow my light to shine and my talents to show to others in a loving and non threatening way.
My bank account is overflowing with money. There is more then enough money for me.
I love and approve of myself as I am.
I face my fears in a loving, peaceful, and joyous way.
My best in the moment in perfect.
I am a perfect woman. I am a Goddess.
I am totally accepting of who I am and what other people think of me is none of my business.
I express myself creatively through my work and I earn a great income doing it.
I am a beautiful woman who touches the lives of others in a positive and loving way each day.
I am worthy of love, joy, and abundance.
I make choices for me. I am happy.
I am enough for me.
Now is my moment of power, joy, and love. I get to choose how I respond to my moments.
I am a smart, savvy entrepreneur.
I am successful in all areas of my life.
Every challenge that I face is a gift that brings me closer and closer to the life of my dreams.
I believe in myself.
I see the good in myself and others.
I can laugh at myself.
I am patient.

In joy :)

Light and love my friends,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eat Pray Love

I have watched this movie over and over again. And each time I capture a new quote or get inspired by something new. I feel as though this book has either opened up the minds and hearts of many or done nothing at all. What stuck with me today was "pain won't last forever, nothing does" I was blown away hearing this today. Nothing lasts forever, so isn't this even more of a reason to live presently and happily? Do what makes you feel soul good and if you don't know, explore life and find out what does. I felt numb for a while and it is only through forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone that I am rekindling a friendship with myself and accepting myself for who I am. I have fallen inlove with myself again and in the most humble way. Sometimes I feel the need to be selective with who I choose to share that statement with because some people may perceive it as being self absorbed or cocky. I believe its not. I do accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and belief system and a large part of mine is "love yourself first"

Nothing lasts forever, so enjoy every bite of your favorite dish, because it may never be cooked that same way again :)

Peace Peace Peace