Monday, April 18, 2011

Words of Affirmation

In my bathroom, on my counter, infront of my mirror, I have a print out of affirmations that I turn to regularily. When I affirm any of these, I look myself in the eyes and I repeat. I affirm it, I believe it, and I send it out into the universe and let the universe work its magic for me. Allow me to share with you my affirmations...

My body easily digests all that I consume.
I have clear beautiful skin.
I trust my gut as it always knows best.
I deserve to be happy in all areas of my life.
My happiness is in my hands and it is my right to be happy.
I go with the flow of life and trust that things are always working out for me.
I allow my light to shine and my talents to show to others in a loving and non threatening way.
My bank account is overflowing with money. There is more then enough money for me.
I love and approve of myself as I am.
I face my fears in a loving, peaceful, and joyous way.
My best in the moment in perfect.
I am a perfect woman. I am a Goddess.
I am totally accepting of who I am and what other people think of me is none of my business.
I express myself creatively through my work and I earn a great income doing it.
I am a beautiful woman who touches the lives of others in a positive and loving way each day.
I am worthy of love, joy, and abundance.
I make choices for me. I am happy.
I am enough for me.
Now is my moment of power, joy, and love. I get to choose how I respond to my moments.
I am a smart, savvy entrepreneur.
I am successful in all areas of my life.
Every challenge that I face is a gift that brings me closer and closer to the life of my dreams.
I believe in myself.
I see the good in myself and others.
I can laugh at myself.
I am patient.

In joy :)

Light and love my friends,

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