Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did you know...

Did you know that what you notice in others is what you see in yourself. Life mirrors to you what you need to be aware of or tap into. I signed up for a yoga workshop in the city and when the day finally came, I was so grateful that I signed up for 2 in a row because I was feeling emotionally drained and I needed the yoga so desperately to get me back to my authentic self. She mentioned that when we notice faults in others, it's what we see in ourselves, but EVEN better...when we see beauty in others, it's because we see it in ourselves.

I couldn't believe she said that because for the entire 2 workshops, I was blown away by how she was such a beautiful person on the inside and out...and guess what?? That is how I see myself and through another being, I was reminded that I am beautiful on the inside and out.

Ta Da...just like magic

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