Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am divine mystery

On Sunday morning, I woke up extra early and it must have been because of the time change. I practiced yoga and spent some time in meditation, but before I began my meditation, I selected a card from an inspirational deck called "I am Divine"
I shuffled the deck, closed my eyes and drew "I am divine mystery" and it immediately instilled fear in me. Before even reading the little message that went with it, I was so fearful. I felt fear for what was ahead of me and it brought me to a dark place. I was so anxious to read the message that went with it, for comfort. The message was to surrender to what is. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a GIFT.
How powerful is that? It was just what I needed to hear. When you spend so much time behind the wheel, steering your life in one direction one day and then the complete opposite direction the other day, I can't help but feel fearful of what I am attracting to me. BUT what I do know NOW, is that right now is my gift. With this beautiful gift of another day given to me in great health, loving surroundings, and love for myself, it doesn't matter what tomorrow brings nor what history is. Our moment of power is always in the present moment. As I blog this i feel the need to express that I shouldn't be taking all the credit for this wisdom. I was given the affirmation "Your moment of power is always in the present moment" from my fabulous friend Michelle. Thanks Michelle :)

With every breath, I inhale love and exhale gratitude, for I am grateful for the love that fuels me in this moment.

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