Wednesday, December 21, 2011

11 day count down...

Including today, there are 11 days left of 2011. The first feeling/thought that comes to me is a sigh of releif...ugh...thank goodness!!
Think of 11 lessons that 2011 brought you and order them from small lessons to large lessons. As these next 11 days unfold, beginning with the small lessons, Thank yourself for partaking in this lesson and then let it go.
If I log off, I may get too "busy" to do this exercise for myself, so I will share my lessons with you. As I begin to reflect back, it seems that they are all big lessons and I'm finding it difficult to put them in order. If this occurs to you, just go with the flow and write down what comes up first. Center yourself first, take a few deeeeep breaths and begin...

I am thankful for...

11. learning how to cook for myself when I was in Vancouver

10. putting myself out there and meeting new people because it wasn't so scary afterall

9. affirming myself everyday because it really gave me strength and courage to move forward

8. standing my ground above all other's opinions about my choices

7. trusting in my heart to lead me on the path of joyful living

6. my awareness that psychics are addictive and to just live in the moment and be patient for tomorrow

5. the committment I have to myself of loving me first

4. the trust I have in love

3. knowing and accepting that not everyone is going to love me

2. the acceptance that with change comes loss and it's healthy for things to not stay the same

1. meditation which is my ground, the way food is my fuel

The words in bold sum up my year of 2011. I've spent so much time and energy on letting go of the past that it was difficult to dig out these lessons. It's taken me about 30 minutes to complete this. I feel relieved! I hope for you to feel relieved as well!!

Set your ego aside and recognize that you are worth all the goodness life has to offer you and that by trusting in the process of this moment that carries into the next moment, everything is always working out for you. Go see a psychic for fun, but let your heart guide you to where you want to be next. If you listen to your heart, it will never fail you!! Take some precious time for YOU!

11 day count down...make it memorable!


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