Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Facebook!!

Pay attention to the deeper intention behind logging into your facebook account. Keep in mind that I always blog from my experience :o) I can truthfully say that there was a time when I was drawn to facebook to either...
1. Feed my ego
2. Beat myself up

Why is facebook part of YOUR life??
I hope to believe that we are connected to this well thought networking site to keep in touch with close/distant friends and/or family, to share part of who we are and our lives with chosen people, and then of course to network. Facebook becomes dangerous if you're using it against yourself or others. For example, there is someone on your "friends" list that you are envious of and you find yourself addicted to their profile. You study all their photos, you know all their updates, you know every curve in their face/body or every flaw. This sounds stalkerish to me. Yikes...I can admit, I was once this! If you "perceive" them to be better looking than you...your mind wanders off in a comparing match and then next thing you know...logging on to FB today made you feel awful. You are wrong! Facebook isn't the issue, your "friend" isn't the issue..YOU ARE! The truth hurts, I know...but rememeber the truth sets you free!!

Take responsibility for your thoughts. Your negative thoughts created those emotions inside you. Let them go. What good does it do you to snoop at your "friends" photos to compare and judge yourself or them?? For one, you are only hurting yourself by putting more junk into your head. Do you not have enough stuff in your head that you need to work through?? Why are you adding more??

Secondly, they have no idea that you are doing this and if they knew they probably don't care because it's your issue. They won't take your stalking issues personally.

Mindfullness...have a decent purpose for using (or should I say abusing) facebook. If you can't help yourself, start with deleting the people that bring that negativity out in you. I can't emphasize enough on the idea that we are so unaware of these little addictions that exist within us. Read a book; fill your head with something useful!! Get off facebook if your intentions are negative. It really isn't the purpose of FB. Take your power back from all those people that you stalk and put it into yourself. That negative energy that you are projecting only causes a viscious cycle of low self esteem, no confidence, self-hatred, feeling unworthy or not good enough!

Next time you are drawn to the routine of logging it with a good intention!

In conclusion...know yourself...

What are your intentions? Not just on facebook, but in all that you do...

Peace Peace Peace


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