Friday, December 7, 2012

Did you know...

Did you know that taking care of yourself is taking care of your loved ones? When you take the time to do the things that fill you up (yoga, gym, cooking, reading, painting, singing, dancing etc) everyone in your life benefits from it. Part of serving others comes from serving yourself.
                                               HOW AMAZING IS THAT?
Taking time out away from day to day routine to recharge the self creates harmonious relationships in every area of life. When I take space to be me and do what I love, I am a better daughter, partner, hairstylist, yoga teacher, friend, sister, business owner...all the roles I play in my life are better and more fullfilling because I am recharged and balanced. I act authentically because I am coming from a place of truth and not just the same ol' "hey how are you?" with no intention at all of actually wanting to know how someone is.
When I serve myself, I know that the next time I cross paths with someone, I will be my real true self. And this is all I ever want to be. I want to be my true self all the time. No hidden agendas or ill intentions...and honestly sometimes those things surface because of the lack of self care that we take on, or maybe I should say that we do not take on. We are all good hearted people, but when we don't serve ourselves; the worst of us can come out. This doesn't feel good! Life is busy, so hectic...wowzers...but fitting myself into my day to day list of things to do can really alter my present reality.

Recently, I've had this urge to dance...and I mean dance, dress up, go all out. This is so far from what I've been doing in the last little while. I've been supressing this urge for a bit and now I feel I need to BREAK FREE AND JUST DANCE NOW!! And maybe you can relate. What is it that brings you deep joy...something exciting and fun and far from what you do on the regular? How long has it been since you've done this thing? So my advice to you would be, to just go friggin do it! It's so simple...just do it. Make the effort to do what you need to do! HA...I'm taking this advice personally! :D
Anyone wanna go dancing?

Take care of that sweet beautiful person you are because it will change your whole world...get that prana (life force energy) flowing through your body. Those feel good endorphins....whew!!
It feels so good to be alive...I'm dancing in my chair :)

As I honour the light in you, honour it in yourself!

P.S. I want to dance like this....copy and paste this link if you're curious about what i'm craving...ahhh!!

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