Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Listen Up!

Rules before reading ;)
1.      Don’t make assumptions
2.       Don’t take anything personal

My Intentions are to get this message across to people who are not present! Please share this if you feel that someone could benefit from this blog post. I am a sensitive person and so I speak with gentleness. When you feel that you’re on the slopes to darkness, HONEST BLUNT TRUTH is the way to go. No sugar coating…go ahead and continue reading!
Listen up!
You are in control of your choices, no one else. If you want to change, it starts with you. No more blaming others for your life situation because the reason you are here in these shoes is because of the choices you have made. Anchor yourself. You are strong. Speak your truth because you deserve to. Literally start this now! When you practice honesty, you will receive honesty. Are you wondering why or how you attracted what exists in your life? Take a look at yourself from within and observe what thoughts run through your mind. If you’re judging, lying, cheating others…place that mirror in front of you because you’re doing it to yourself. Open your heart to truth…and you will receive truth. The truth heals and yes it does hurt, but hurt doesn’t last forever. I’m on a power trip right now because people who feel stuck need to dig deep within to find out why. What thoughts are repeating in your mind? Start with that. If a thought has repeated itself in your head 3 times, you need to speak out. Tell someone. Have you betrayed someone you love? Is it eating you alive? If not now, it most likely will because the truth always surfaces. Are you addicted to lying or judging? How does it feel after you’ve lied to or judged someone? GOOD? Well then you need some work. If it feels bad, then you also need some work! Find out why it feels good or bad. Dig deep within to find out. All the answers are within.
The key is to deal with things as they come. We are born with pure joy and happiness and as we age we get all layered up with experiences, good and bad. The bad experiences cause more emotional harm to us then we realize and so digging deep and dealing with things NOW is healthy. It will hurt now, but the reward is freedom, liberation. I have not won a large sum lottery, but I’d like to compare this liberating feeling to winning the big lottery because this does bring people freedom and liberation (same thing).
I am a huge believer in seeking guidance to help heal the body, mind, and spirit/soul. You get to choose your budget in this department because healing can begin with deep breathing, reading books or listening to inspirational audio books. You can choose other routes such as yoga classes, guided meditation, energy healing, life coaching and much more. Depression, anxiety, fear; these stem from past thoughts/experiences, future thoughts, or possible future experiences. In this very moment neither exists because in this moment you are probably sitting down by a computer or on your phone reading this. Are you present? Did I catch your attention? If I did, then this blog speaks to you and resonates with something within you. I would love to know that you are living your truth. If you’re living your truth, you are making this world a better place and on a smaller scale you are influencing your loved ones positively. You’d be surprised how many people you are an influence to. The change begins with you. Get here…be here…nothing else matters, but the PRESENT MOMENT.  
I am living proof. I’m good friends with freedom and honesty; they’d like to be your friends too!
Free your heart. Let your body release, cleanse, and heal. YOU have to choose this. You are the author of your life. Go nuts, have fun!

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