Thursday, November 1, 2012

A thousand lessons...

Every Injury is worth a thousand lessons.
I recently came across a shoulder joint injury and I claim that it came from no where, but I am discovering quickly that this injury was caused by me and only me. In my yoga classes, I preach about alignment and practicing yoga safely. I didn't factor into the equation that when I, myself practice yoga, I should practice safely.
On a scale of one to ten, one is super inflexible and ten is super flexible. People who are inflexible have to work towards gaining flexibility, aiming for a 5-6 on the scale, which is attainable and a realistic goal. People who are flexible have to work backwards to gain strength to bring themselves to a 5-6 on the scale, but this is hard to gage when you're working backwards. I am a yoga teacher who teaches many classes per week on top of my own practice and what I've been doing is hanging out in my joints, right shoulder joint to be exact.
Build your strength...don't hang out in the joints please!!!

Lesson #1- strength is just as important as flexibility.
After repetitive incorrect alignment comes injury.
Lesson #2, 3, and 4 - slow down and listen to the body, focus, concentrate.

"But I just want to get into the posture and feel it. I've been waiting for this physical release all day" says my ego.
Rush rush rush, get into the yoga postures, week after week, month after month and there you have injury. Practice mindfully. Practice safely. Challenge yourself, but listen to your body today.
Your yoga practice will flourish over time and it is only until injury happens that we really recognize how much yoga is needed in life. Yoga all you want, the more the better!! Just do it mindfully and safely please!!

tathaastu-so be it


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