Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finding the comfort in discomfort

What comforts you? Ohhhh I think of many things when I think of comfort. I think of home, family, money, friends, food, yoga, my lover. Now what about discomfort...what discomforts you? A new pimple, big change, new places and things, some yoga postures.
How can we find the comfort in our discomfort and unite these polarities?
                                                      Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The answer is SURRENDER!! Surrender to what is RIGHT NOW!!
Life brings about discomfort and so instead of focusing on how uncomfortable it feels...surrender to the emotions and focus on what does exist!! Find the greatness in the not so greatness situation(s). A large part of manifestation is surrender! As I begin this new yoga journey, I know that what lies before me is AMAZING, but it's all about surrendering to what is in this moment. It is never about the destination, but the journey in getting there! Whether you are changing jobs, friends, partners, houses, eating habits etc...continue to focus on what you want and yes keep visualizing and feeling yourself in this new change as if you're already living it....BUT surrender at the exact same time. Detach yourself from any expectations and just live PRESENT...just as you the shoes you are wearing. Be with the moment and be IN JOY!!

As I dream big and know that I am in the process of living my dream life...I surrender to what is, right here, right now...because it is all there is!! If I die tomorrow...I will be pleased to know that up until that dying moment I will have lived for what was NOW!! I don't intend to pass anytime soon, yet I know I will be around for many years to come, but this is something to think about!!

Can you detach yourself from the stresses and expectations of life and just find the comfort in your discomfort?? Yes you can! I know it! Do the work by opening your heart and opening your mind to seeing things awaken the child within...and to live mindfully...!!!

I am comfortable in my discomfort!! Are you?

Tina :)

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  1. LoVe iT! :)
    Like Eckhart Tolle explains in his book Practisting the Power of now.. everything we have is in this present moment. Past is already behind us, and the future is in the future. Everything that was made, was created in the present moment.

    Every day is a GiFt, that's why we call it a PRESENT! ;)

    One big hello and even bigger hug from Slovenia! :)) :**