Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I often blog about getting in touch with the inner being, but we should really honor the external part of us just as much. I've been inside myself for the past 2 weeks and today I felt as if I was too inward. Crazy?? I know!! So let's bring about some balance then. Go to your closet, put on some sexy clothes...walk yourself infront of your mirror...put on some awesome dancing music and DANCE your heart out. Ugh...you will feel so good. No criticizing yourself, just let loose and let your spirit be free of judgement. You are alone, no one is watching you!! GO NUTS... Hahaha!! Have fun with yourself. Who said you have to find friends to go dancing with, when you can bring out your inner friend. In fact your friend is the one going nuts infront of you in the mirror. Celebrate your life because you don't know when your last moment is. Live and DANCE your heart out as if it's your last dance! YIH HA!! Go get your cow girl/boy hat!! Hahaha have fun! I know I am!!

Dance like no ones watching and sing like no ones listening...

Who cares anyways... Let loose!! Drop your ego and dance IN JOY!!

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