Saturday, June 18, 2011

Space and the beauty of it

Space is a beautiful thing. I'm learning that taking space from my loved ones helps me to really see what beauty they bring into my life. The unconditional love that surrounds me at home fills me, but at times I'm so caught up in my mind about the dishes that are still untouched from the night before or the dog hair on the floor. Does this really matter?? To my small conscious self, yes, but to my higher conscious self, absolutely not!!

Take some space for yourself and get out of the movie of YOUR life. Be the observer and really see with clarity, what really matters. All you need is love, is all you need!

Nip the guilt in the butt for needing space. It is only going to do you and everyone else in your life some good. Sooooooo much good, to be a little more accurate!!
And now tying this into a yoga practice. Yoga allows for lots of space between the vertebrae, muscles, organs and this allows us to move with ease and comfort. I could carry on forever, but I'll save it for another blog entry.

Create some physical and mental space for yourself! You are worth it!!

Namaste my friends :)

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