Saturday, June 25, 2011


Where to go from here...
Look inward and write down all your desires and ideas. They must be where you can visually see them. Take a yellow sticky note pad, write them down, lay them out infront of you.
Put them in order from most desirable in this moment to least desirable in this moment.
Know that the energy put into this activity is in the process of manifestation. VERY EXCITING. And if you're afraid, observe and feel the fear and then let it go. Use this emotion to fuel you. Let it be your fire and go for it. Just so you are aware, this is following your heart. This is what it feels like to sit with yourself and to reflect on what the next steps in your life are. This is also a time for meditation, to really ground yourself and tap into you intuitive gut feelings. To make decisions with a cluttered body, mind and spirit will only create more clutter and feelings of anxiety. You are the author of your life. You can have whatever you want; just ask and be patient. Let that fear fuel the fire, so that the desire now becomes a burning desire. Woah! I can feel it as I share this with you! You are not alone my friends! Energetically connect yourself to your authentic self, that deeper part of you that surfaces more and more, screaming for a change. Listen with love!

You are not alone. Shift your consciousness to following your deepest desires and that energy will spread to everyone around you, inspiring them to do the same. Remember that the world doesn't need to change, but we do. As a whole we can change the world, but it starts within each and everyone of us!

Lots of love my friends :)

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