Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have you taken out the garbage today??

Lets get back to the basics. What happens when your garbage sits full for a couple days, week, month, year, many years??? It starts to smell, releases toxins in the air, attracts bugs/mice...
So now let's think on an energetic level. What happens when you don't empty out your emotional garbage bag? For days, weeks, months, years?? This junk builds up in the body, releasing toxic thoughts into the mind and body (cells), attracts negative experiences, and manifests some sort of unhealthy state. Why do humans have so much waste/garbage that is held onto from the past, when it is very clear that it intereferes with the present moment. Garbage from the past influences the present moment, blinding humans from seeing things as they are.

Do yourself a favor and take out the garbage, please and thank you. It's not doing you or anyone in your life any good. Make that choice to finally let go of that junk that you've been carrying with you. It's rotten, no need to keep it!!

Inhale love and exhale gratitude for the one or many things that surfaced that you know you need to take to the dumpster. The first step is awareness...

You are on the right path :)

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