Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be patient with yourself...

The mission of this blog is simply to get right to the point. Letting something go takes time. The process of letting go doesn't happen over night. It is important to be patient with yourself. Our fast paced society doesn't support the extent of time it can take to completely shed layers of stuff. As stuff comes up...let yourself express it however your body needs to. Honour that!!
Cry a little and maybe seek out a listener. Don't be afraid to open up to a friend. Sometimes when I need an ear or a shoulder, I try to independently be strong for myself and heal myself because I don't want to bring anyone down, BUT what I forget is that when I give an ear or shoulder, I feel good afterwards knowing I helped someone. Reach out to people, especially the ones that love never know what kind of wisdom they have up their sleeve ;)

The first step is awareness. The second step is choice.

Choose patience. Feel the emotion. Let it go.

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