Friday, July 8, 2011

Chakra Meditation

What is a chakra? Chakras are spinning wheels of energy in the body that start at the base of the spine and end at the crown of the head. Each chakra symbolizes something unique. The first chakra is located at base of the spine. It's called Muladhara and this red energy center represents grounding, safety, security, and survival instincts. Svadisthana is the second chakra located in the lower abdomen, sexual organs. This orange energy center symbolizes fluidity, flexibility, and going with the flow. Our energy center located at the navel is called Manipura. This third yellow chakra is all about trusting your gut instincts, confidence, and willpower. The next chakra is the fourth one located in the chest, the heart's center. This one is green and symbolizes love and compassion. Having love and compassion for yourself and others. The fifth energy center is called Visshuda and this one is blue. It's located in the throat and this one deals with creative expression through the voice and speaking your truth. Ajna is the 5th chakra located between the eyebrows. This one is purple and is also known as the third eye; our intuitive inner eye, that sees the world beyond illusions. Sahasrara is the final energy center in the crown and its colour is white. This white light symbolizes enlightenment, realization, knowing that all is one. There is a mantra (affirmation) that each chakra symbolizes. In meditation, I work from the first chakra...
I am grounded, safe, and secure.
I go with the flow of life and trust that things are always working out for me.
I trust my gut, as it always knows best.
I love myself and others and I have compassion for myself and others.
I express myself clearly, creatively, and honestly.
I see clearly and I am intuitively guided.
I am one with all.

Take this and add it to your meditation practice. This is one of my favorites because it really covers all areas of my life.

Find a comfortable seated position, spine straight to line up the energy...start to take some slow deep breaths in and out of the nose and begin...visualize the first chakra located at the base of the spine...imagine a red ruby and repeat...I am safe, secure and grounded at least 3 times. Work your way up the spine to the 7th energy center and then reverse the flow and go back down the chakras ending with the first chakra. This will allow you to come back to your grounding...the bottom three chakras are the physical energy centers that are connected to the physical world and the three above the heart are the chakras that involve a higher state of consciousness. So when you stimulate the chakras, work your way up, but you don't want to end this practice up in the clouds. You'll need to make your way back down for grounding. You can experiment with this, but I find that most people need more grounding practices, so i suggest not to experiment with this especially if you already feel that you are in lala land.

I hope this meditation practice gives you a sense of a grounding and connection to your higher self. Enjoy!!!

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