Tuesday, February 1, 2011


When I'm feeling down and I'm trying to find happiness I ask myself...
What was it I loved when I was a child? And I remember...
I LOVED being at my Papanonno's house, sitting around the table listening to the adults in my life talking, playing school with my little sister, doing fashion shows, playing a mother role to my little sister, writing in my diary about ALL the boys I crushed on, playing with my best friend, watching disney movies (especially Lion King, but I HATE the part when Simba's dad, Muffasa dies), watching full house, who's the boss, saved by the bell, being videotaped by my uncle Joe, singing, dancing, watching the wizard of oz at my great grand parent's house, protecting my dad when my parents wrestled, protecting my parents during family fights, watching Barney with my little sister, getting a new puppy, writing poems, listening to Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Ace of Base (especially, Its a beautiful life), making my parents proud, being swung around by my uncle Carlos, having my back tickled by my aunt, cuddling with any of my dogs, having dates with my uncle Joe. I know there are many more. If you're searching for happiness, just know that it's already inside you, take a closer look :) Choose the Happy state of mind because you deserve it :)


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