Saturday, July 7, 2012

Story Telling

What kind of stories do you tell?
Are you speaking of your past wounds or your future worries? Are you gossiping about your neighbour or a family member?
I'm hoping that if you do all or one of these that you're not feeling horrible about yourself. This is not about beating yourself up, it's about increasing your awareness.
It's not always easy to be the one that sits back while everyone else is gossiping or to be the listener when someone is sharing their past wounds; you just want to jump in and share yours. What matters with all that comes out of your mouth is your intention behind all that you say. Share your stories to assist others, and be mindful to catch yourself in the "poor me" place. Take the stance to walk confidently in your life, regardless of what happened in your past or what may come tomorrow. Listen to the words you speak to bring an awareness of what is going on within you.

Have nothing to say?? I sometimes catch myself in this place. Silence is bliss. It is not awkward, it is only awkward when you project that it is. Share a positive experience from your past or wishes and dreams of your future or even better...get to know the people you are speaking to in the moment. Make a connection; touch each other's hearts. Why not? It really is all about love and kindness isn't it? So, why are we sharing wounds and gossip and dumping on doesn't feel good!
Don't wait to be old, wrinkly and wise to be great story tellers...let's do it now!!

Make the change!

My light to yours...

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