Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Forgive others to set YOURSELF free!

Ugh! The thought of forgiving someone who has done something to hurt you really feels uncomfortable, doesn't it?!
That person (or those people) have most likely come into your mind immediately. And this is how you know that there is some work to do on the self. Practice forgiveness to set yourself free from the prison that you have locked yourself in. Forgiveness has everything to do with freeing yourself from the past. Strong emotions that keep you stuck in those negative places. I know that you know this already, but let it go! The expiration date is long overdue! Move on and recognize the lessons learned. Carry the lessons forward, but leave the experience behind.

Forgive yourself to set YOURSELF free!

Ugh! "I would rather not bring myself to that time when I..." Go ahead and leave that alone and not deal with it. You know it's going to come up time and time again. And this is how you know you have not forgiven yourself! It is time right now! It's okay!! Really, it is!! Our emotions get the best of us at times and this is when we react and do things without thinking. Your past actions came from a negative place and it is in how you look back and understand why things happened the way they did. Forgive yourself! What is done, is done! New experiences can come into your life from a positive place because you have taken the time to understand what's gone on. The discomfort in this is to learn a new way and see from a different perspective. CHANGE??? Yes, change is required if you do not want to repeat old patterns. Embrace "new" with open arms and get your head around the idea of change.
Re-direct yourself on a path that may seem uncomfortable at first, but feels easier over time. Patience. Patience. Patience.

We're always seeking something better then...we want more of...we would be happier to...
This is seeking self growth and awareness and you can label it whatever makes you feel more comfortable.
There is nothing wrong with relfecting back as things occur, just hold onto it for a short time and move on. Take the lessons, but leave the experience.

Ultimately recognize your inetntions behind your words and actions and understand that forgiving yourself/others sets YOU free from old patterns of thinking.

Practice forgiveness. It is freeing!!

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  1. Tina, thank you for reminding us that although change is something we resist, it's necessary in order to heal and move on. "Take the lessons, but leave the experience" is a wonderful mantra I can use whenever I feel stuck!