Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Did you know that you consume more energy feeling down then you do feeling happy. When you are reacting (acting upon an emotion that arised within you) to something, SMILE...by smiling you bring in feel good emotions. Are you wondering how this works? Okay, let me explain! When you are feeling happy about something and smiling or laughing or just feeling that inner happiness...you signal feel good emotions to your mind. Now even when your feeling upset, by smiling or laughing (even if it's fake), your mind remembers this emotion and slowly but surely you start to feel better. Make sense??

If you're feeling crappy, smile!! The worst you can do is let your crappy emotions take over your moment. Train your mind and gain the power to be aware of your emotions all the time. If you feel down, your energy is projecting these kind of emotions outward only attracting that which you are sending out. It isn't anyones job to try and lift your spirits and if you have someone in your life that consumes their energy trying to lift your spirits, consider yourself fortunate. You are in control of your emotions, your thoughts, your actions...and if you feel that you don't have control over your emotions, thoughts, or actions then you need to meditate. The practice of meditation not only clams and quiets the mind, but it gives you a greater understanding of your emotions, thoughts and actions and with practice you eventually come to a place of neutrality. Imagine being in a neutral state when someone you love says something hurtful to you. You simply would not react (act with an emotion), you would just ACT and calmly assess the moment. There is no point in dwelling in crappy emotions. Gain your power back over your emotions and SMILE!!

SMILE SMILE SMILE...somedays it'll come naturally and other days it'll take effort. It'll make you feel good to just SMILE!!

: D

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