Monday, January 2, 2012

Monkey Mind Patterns

Do you ever notice yourself rethinking the same experience over and over again? This is what you call weakness of the mind. Now with that said, what contributes to strengthening the mind? Yoga, meditation, balanced diet, and an active lifestyle. Strengthening the mind begins with the emotions and recognizing your emotional levels. How do you express your emotions? Do you even express them at all? Your mental patterns (thinking) creates the emotions in your body, therefore if your mind is weak, you will be easily triggered. I notice myself becoming angry when I do the dishes and it's because somewhere in my body, past expereinces of anger is still stored here. Experiences or feelings of complaints that I do the dishes often. And I catch myself singing when I do the dishes because I'm fighting off that mental pattern that comes in. It's called habitual thinking patterns. I formed a habit of thinking negatively when I do the dishes and now these habitual patterns surface and with my awareness I'm able to recgonize what I'm thinking during this dish cleaning time. Strengthening the mind is not only done through yoga and meditation, but it is acheived through your entire lifestyle. Why is it that when we get tired, we feel grumpy/bothered? It is because when our body is running on low energy, we have little physical strength, but little mental strength as well. Yoga and meditation increases the energy in your body, but healthy activity and well balanced meals contributes to that as well.

If you meditate on a regular basis and do not have a balanced diet, you are not going to acheive mental strength that will last a long period of time because eventually your body will be exhausted from what you're putting into it and the mind will be working over time to keep the focus and determination of positive thinking.
I'm not just promoting meditation and yoga, but an overal lifestyle of well being! It is our job to build on our awareness. Awareness truly is the first step and then secondly is choice. Continue to contribute to your mental strength by fueling your body with nourishing foods, creating a strong mind and body.

Don't hesitate to meditate, but hesitate the junk food!!


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