Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you love YOU??

Loving yourself is no selfish act. Why is it that when we care for ourselves we feel guilty or allow others opinions interfere with us doing things for ourselves. We choose how others can make us feel and what other people think of us is none of our business anyways. It's their shit, not ours. Why do we link a negativity to the word selfish. Being selfish is an amazing thing. When you are selfish, you take care of yourself first. And when you take care of yourself first, all else around you flows beautifully because you are taken care of. No more feeling like your gas tank is empty...refuel yourself every moment of everyday, especially on those days when you need it the most. Choose to have the strength to lift your own spirits. Affirm, i am the author of my life and I choose to feel soul good right here and right now. There is no one in this world who can fuel you, unless you allow them to. When you allow others to fuel you, make sure it makes you feel soul good. Stop getting fuel from a negative source because your soul tank will quickly deplete and feel empty.

In other words, know your sources of where you're getting your fuel from and why not have the strength to fuel yourself up. Lets stop relying on others, having high expectations of others to give us what we're missing, we already have everything we need in this moment. Just recognize it, it's all there. Broaden your awareness my friend, you are complete :)

Love you for you.

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